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Creating new jobs in ict


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A Talk for Quest and ACS on Creating new jobs in ICT

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Creating new jobs in ict

  1. 1. Creating new jobs in ICT Anne-Marie Elias Collaborative Alchemist | Change Strategist | International Speaker & Facilitator ACS, April 2017
  2. 2. ICT as an enabler “ICTs are influencing employment both as an industry that creates jobs and as a tool that empowers workers to access new forms of work, in new and more flexible ways.” Chris Vein, World Bank’s chief innovation officer for global ICT development, 2013
  3. 3. ICT Industry •2015: ACS & Deloitte Access Economics, report, Australia’s Digital Pulse, digital technologies is one of the fastest growing parts of Australia’s economy, • economic contribution grew in the past three years to a 5.1% share of our GDP – from $50 billion in 2011 to $79 billion in 2013-14. •5% growth in the number of ICT professionals, with an increase to 600,000 ICT workers in 2014, and demand for a further 100,000 workers over the next six years.
  4. 4. Are we ready? 1 Workforce capability building 2 ICT Graduates – retention New opportunities – The Last Mile 3 Growth in coding & computational thinking 4 Unearthing talent – refugees and migrants
  5. 5. ICT Skills of the future Cross discipline STEAM 01 Problem solving 02 Collaborative Alchemy 03
  6. 6. Vibewire – skills of the future
  7. 7. ICT Innovation ICT Innovation Our people - Service users, customers and staff Design Data Digital
  8. 8. Ecosystem University, TAFE, RTO •Education & Skills Startup/ Tech •Disruption Data, Design, Digital, Social •Cross discipline
  9. 9. Its up to you
  10. 10. Takeaways Disrupt or be disruptedDisrupt Connect with the ecosystemConnect Collaborate across sectors and expand your orbit Collaborate
  11. 11. Anne-Marie Elias @ChiefDisrupter Mobile: 0418236546 QUESTIONS ? THANK YOU