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ABC ELP Program - Innovation in government


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Can government innovate and leverage innovation ?
Yes it can - Chief Disrupter has been repurposing methods from tech and start up to support government and NGOs embrace change and participate in the Innovation economy.

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ABC ELP Program - Innovation in government

  1. 1. - Structures are crumbling - Paradigm of hierarchy - Silo’s - Status quo - Control and power superseded - Collaboration - Co-design - Self determinism - Disruption OldWorld NewWorld
  2. 2. IAG LABS Collaborative Consumption – Sharing Economy
  3. 3. Alchemy of collaboration @ChiefDisrupter Innovation
  4. 4. Collaborative Alchemy Connect with people Disrupt status quo Reframe problem Co Design New Vision Recalibrate resources Prototype. Refine, scale Track and measure impact Parallel Paradigms • TECH • Startup • Design Innovation Social Innovation • Hackathon • Rapid prototyping Twitter: @ChiefDisrupter Prof. Kees Dorst Problem worth solving
  5. 5. NSW DAC Ecosystem OSBC Civic Hacking Disruption Agenda Prime Minister Digital Transformation Office GovHack HealthHack FoodHack TechFugees
  6. 6. Anne-Marie Elias - Chief Disrupter Social Change Connector, Strategist and Innovator. @ChiefDisrupter Mobile: 0418236546