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2014 open-data-summit-presentation-anne-marie-elias


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Open Data Summit

Published in: Data & Analytics
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2014 open-data-summit-presentation-anne-marie-elias

  1. 1. Disruptive Innovation – Open data for good
  2. 2. Disruptive Innovation Einstein – Insanity Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result
  3. 3. A new way of working Break the cycle of disadvantage Work collaboratively across government and sectors. Parallel Universes - Connect Innovate and Collaborate (CIC) to disrupt inequality. The Collective – A collective impact model Permission to disrupt the status quo
  4. 4. The Partners • Microsoft, Oakton, Fujitsu, Telstra , GoogleTECH • Small unfunded NGOs NGO • Cross discipline • Design InnovationAcademia • All three levels Government
  5. 5. Case Study - Open Data The whole picture Data mapping 3 levels of Government
  6. 6. Permission to disrupt Community Cross sector Innovation Incubators and Labs Disrupting Inequality collective impact projects CONNECT INNOVATE COLLABORATE Tippingpoint Wickedproblems Collective disruptors and innovators Disrupt & Connect Design and create Refine and test Implement Replicate and expand Design- a- thons Hack-a-thons Disrupting Conversations
  7. 7. Call to Action Apply your expertise to disrupt disadvantage – we need you Connect with The Collective NSW GOVHACK - HACK LONGEVITY
  8. 8. Anne-Marie Elias, Senior Project Manager Family and Community Services 0437 194 177 Twitter @ChiefDisrupter The Collective YouTube Channel Twitter @CICNSW Facebook and LinkedIn TheCollectiveNSW