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A 7 in one organic herbal supplement that not only boosts the libido but also supports the immune system. The health benefits of these herbs are well known to the indigenous people of the countries from which they originate and have been used for centuries to cure a variety of ailments.

digenous peoples of the

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Organic Herbal Libido Supplement

  1. 1. ORGANIC HERBAL LIBIDO SUPPLEMENT Introducing 7 in One Organic Herbal Libido Supplement & Immune System BoosterI would like to tell you all about my 7 in one herbal libido supplementand immune system booster. As regular visitors to the Aloe Vera Guidewill know, I am a bit of an aloe vera junkie however I have nowdiscovered an amazing product which contains up to seven extremelypotent herbs combined in just one vegetarian capsule.I have nicknamed it the 7 in one herbal libido supplement and immunesystem booster.I am so impressed with this products qualities that Ive decided tointroduce it to visitors of this site.Not only does this 7 in one herbal libido supplement act to skyrocketthe libido but they also provide a huge boost to the immune systemthereby maintaining and protecting good overall health for the longterm.All of the selected herbs are organically grown so no chemicals,pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or any other toxic substances of anytype are used on these plants during development.Anyone taking this 7 in one herbal libido and immune system boosterregularly can be certain, that they are not inadvertently, consuming anychemical residues. 1
  2. 2. For the further convenience of readers I have listed the exact herbsused to create the 7 in one herbal libido supplement and immunesystem booster and will provide a bit of information on each of theherbs in order that you may better understand the health benefits theyoffer. 7 In One Organic Herbal Libido Supplement IngredientsOrganic Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)Organic, Raw Maca RootOrganic Tribulus TerrestrisOrganic Korean GinsengOrganic Catuaba BarkOrganic Raw Cayenne PowderOrganic Raw Cacao (chocolate in its natural, unprocessed state)Organic Tribulus TerrestrisA flowering plant of the Zygophyllaceae plant family. This plant likeswarm and mild temperatures and is native to the tropical regions ofsouthern Europe, Africa, Australia and southern Asia. It can also thrivehappily in desert regions despite poor soil conditions.The supplement derived from this plant is often used by athletes as it isconsidered to have properties that encourage an increase oftestosterone levels thereby enhancing physical performance.Organic Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)Also known as Bishops Hat and Yin Yen Ho, this is a perennial plant. Itgrows in Chinaand the Mediterraneanand is of the Berberidaceaeplants family.This herb is said to aid both male and female sexual dysfunction andWestern research has identified that ingestion of the herb appears to 2
  3. 3. increase levels of nitric oxide in the blood. Furthermore, it has beenobserved to restore levels of thyroid hormones and testosteronethereby reducing the speed of bone degeneration and osteoporosis.Organic, Raw Maca RootFound in the high Andes inPeruthis herb has been used both for foodas a root vegetable as well as medicinally. It is also said to increasevirility. Legend has it that Inca warriors would consume large amountsof maca to increase strength and stamina before entering into battle.Organic Korean GinsengAs named this plant is to be found inKorea. Known scientifically asPanax Schinseng Nees it is a perennial plant of the Araliaceae familyand is considered to have almost magical powers. The activeingredient in the herb is called ginsenosides and also contains AcidicPolysaccharides which are known to boost the immune system and aconstituent known as Polyacetylene which is said to aid in theprevention of cancer.Organic Catuaba BarkThis is bark derived from trees which are native to Brazil. Catuaba is anative Guarani word which translates to mean "what gives strength tothe Indian". It is specifically used as an aphrodisiac and stimulant forthe central nervous system.Research has confirmed that Catuaba extracts proved useful in haltingbacterial infections and HIV infection in mice.Organic Raw Cayenne PowderA red hot chilli pepper fromCayennein French Guiana, it is also knownas bird pepper,Guineaspice, cow-horn pepper and aleva. Containingcapsaicin which is said to increase the flow of blood throughout thebody,Cayennepowder is also used as an aphrodisiac. 3
  4. 4. Organic Raw CacaoTheobroma meaning "food to the gods", is the botanical name givento cacao by Swedish natural scientist Carl Linnaeus. Containingflavonoids indicates that cacao provides real health benefits to thecardiovascular system.Consequently, the combination of the 7 in one herbal libidosupplement and immune system booster could not fail to provide theconstituent parts in one capsule that might truly be described as thesuperfood of superfoods.For those who may not be aware of what exactly a superfood is, itmight be described as a specific food that is found to contain anidentifiable range of unique health enhancingbenefits. Consequently, superfoods are recognized as containing thefollowing elements, antioxidants, minerals such as magnesium, ironzinc and copper as well as amino acids, omega fatty acids and soon. This list is not exhaustive, but rather it is intended to provide ageneral overview of any food that is referred to as a superfood.Personally, for those of you who are constantly too tired and lethargicto even contemplate any extra physical activity, I cannot recommendthe use of this 7 in one herbal libido supplement and immunesystem booster enough. In conclusion thank you for visiting AloeVera Products - Aloe Vera Guide to Health & Beauty. If you havefound this information helpful why not subscribe to our blog or sign upfor our newsletter. Male Libido The 7 in One Herbal Libido Supplement to Aphrodisiac Properties of Aloe Vera Return to Aloe Vera Products - Aloe Vera Guide to Health & Beauty 4
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