How to Participate in a Twitter Chat


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How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

  1. 1. How To Participate in a Chat
  2. 2. If you are new to Twitter, go to: Sign up to create a new account
  3. 3. How to Find Your Twitter Chat The host promoting the chat will Tweet or otherwise communicate the hashtag where the chat will take place. Hashtags are preceded by a “#” and are used to group messages containing that term. Here’s an example: “Join our #ourchat tonight at 8:00 p.m. Hope to see you there!”
  4. 4. How to Find Your Twitter Chat (continued) In addition, there are various places where you can access lists of chat. Converoo is a good place to start. Point your browser to to enter a search by topic and get rated chat lists.
  5. 5. How to Find Your Twitter Chat (continued) Another way to find a chat is to search your topic on the search engine of your choice – or you can try accessing this list on Google Docs zNNUnZZZ3JMQ2Vyc0xoN3c#gid=0
  6. 6. How to Find Your Twitter Chat (continued) Here’s a secondary Google Docs resource to try: ma3phUjFQTzFRZ2JHeTVrNlE#gid=0
  7. 7. Twitter Chat Platforms ● After you have chosen the chat(s) in which you want to participate, you will need to choose a platform to access the chat. ● It is difficult to chat directly from Twitter; we suggest you choose from one of these (free) platforms: ̶ TweetChat ̶ TweetDeck ̶ hootsuite ̶ TweetGrid
  8. 8. Twitter Chat Platforms (continued) ● Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses and everyone has their own favorites. So choose the one that is the best fit for you. Also, if you are already using hootsuite or TweetDeck, you may want to start there.
  9. 9. Our Favorite is TweetChat
  10. 10. We also like to use hootsuite to monitor mentions.
  11. 11. TweetDeck is another option
  12. 12. TweetGrid! is yet another option
  13. 13. Chat Guidelines/Etiquette ● Allow the moderator/leader to begin the chat, if it hasn’t started already. ● Introduce yourself – don’t be a lurker! ● For the first few times you take part in a chat, take extra care to listen for the conversational tone ● Sometimes the moderator or guest will ask participants questions. Questions will be preceded by Q1, Q2, Q3, etc. When you respond by Tweeting answers, preface each response with A1, A2, etc. ● In every chat, listen to what is being said so that you can ask appropriate questions that are on topic
  14. 14. Chat Guidelines/Etiquette (continued) ● When taking part in a chat, remember to use professional manners ● Do not let a discussion get heated and uncivil in tone even if you disagree. Remember, the comments that you make on Twitter will live on.
  15. 15. Interacting and Responding Notice in the TweetDeck dashboard, the conversation continues. You want to be sure that you are engaging with the people who are talking to you and thanking you. So monitor carefully for your @ mentions
  16. 16. Using the Hashtag (#) to Continue the Conversation ● When you regularly participate in a chat, you can continue the conversation during the week using the same hashtag from the chat ● If you see an article that relates to something that was said during the previous chat, reference the point, share the article link, and add the hashtag for visibility and to reach the chat participants
  17. 17. A list of Twitter Chat resources may be found on Listly Courtesy of Steve Cassady