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Insights in the collaborative economy, by shareNL

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  1. 1. 6­12­2016 Keeping up the good work: the reach of collaborative economy is expanding http://us4.campaign­ 1/7 the latest news around the collaborative economy summarized for you by the shareNL team no pictures? open in browser        |   I N S I G H T S   |   N O V E M B E R  2 0 1 6 ENTHUSIASTIC NEWCOMERS AT NRCLIVE  The NRC Live event that shareNL co-hosted last week was a good opportunity to become fully immersed in the collaborative economy: especially for newcomers. Which is why it makes sense that the names of two certain big platforms in the collaborative economy (we think you know who) were mentioned over and over again. But isn’t the collaborative economy more than these two giants? Luckily, throughout the day a large variety of other platforms were discussed. New insights, going beyond the platforms that set the stage, were presented (you can find our key learnings here, and the pictures of the day here). We are glad to see that there were so many collaborative economy enthusiasts - both experts and new players in the field - and that the debate about challenges and opportunities has evolved enough to not just stick
  2. 2. 6­12­2016 Keeping up the good work: the reach of collaborative economy is expanding http://us4.campaign­ 2/7 with the obvious: there is plenty of room and excitement to dive deep into even the smallest and most promising collaborative economy initiatives! Let's keep up the good work! WIN­WIN: SHARING A CULTURAL SUNDAY There was a lot of room for sharing in Utrecht this weekend. Several platforms showed the possibilities and win-win scenario's through interactive activities. Read how Samantha introduced the collaborative economy to the visitors of Culturele Zondagen. FROM AIRBNB TO FAIRBNB Is there an answer to all the negativity heard around Airbnb these days? Read the guestblog by Sito Veracruz and Alessandro Latella, members of Fairbnb Amsterdam    BALANCING A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE During Nesta's ShareLab in London, Pieter presented the story of shareNL and how difficult it can be as a social enterprise to balance out earning money and delivering a positive impact. Read Pieters key learning points about making a social and environmental impact (and see all videos of the event!). EIGHT HUNDRED AND EIGHTY ONE. That is the number of things Niels Baljet owns. This got him thinking: what if we could design a whole new city that expands as we share - enabling us to own less but access more? Read more about this intriguing TU Delft graduation project
  3. 3. 6­12­2016 Keeping up the good work: the reach of collaborative economy is expanding http://us4.campaign­ 3/7 shareNL NEWS     |   What else has our team been up to? THE TEAM KEEPS EXPANDING! Welcome Natalia! She will be working on event organization as well as communication and marketing. She has a passion for cultures and travelling. Originally from Costa Rica, she lived in Madrid and Belgium doing a bachelor in Economics and Management. Natalia´s next step in Amsterdam is a master´s degree in sustainability. Happy to have you aboard! Will your face be up here next? Join our awesome team! BUILDING BRIDGES IN OSLO A lot of exciting stuff is happening up North! During Oslo innovation Week gaps were bridged between the established companies and the startup scene, public and private, academia and business. And of course, the collaborative economy is the perfect building block to do the job. Harmen contributed his building block by introducing Amsterdam Sharing City and explaining all the challenges and MEETUP & SEMINAR ON THEIR WAY What better way to wrap up a great year than with a meetup? Keep your agenda's ready this December, because we are hosting a special meetup. Moreover, in January we will host a seminar that is inspiring in itself - but will also be the kickstart for a lot of cool new things in 2017. Trust us, you don't want to miss this! The exact dates will be announced soon, just keep an eye on our social media and of course our meetup page. Stay tuned!
  4. 4. 6­12­2016 Keeping up the good work: the reach of collaborative economy is expanding http://us4.campaign­ 4/7 opportunities. Oslo, way to go! shareNL ANNOUNCEMENTS     |   Important dates, memos and events coming up!
  5. 5. 6­12­2016 Keeping up the good work: the reach of collaborative economy is expanding http://us4.campaign­ 5/7
  6. 6. 6­12­2016 Keeping up the good work: the reach of collaborative economy is expanding http://us4.campaign­ 6/7    "We believe collaborative economy and social innovation should work together to create a collaborative society" - Antoinette Guhl | Paris Deputy Mayor Keizersgracht 264, 1016 EV Amsterdam, The Netherlands shareNL believes in a world where everyone has access to all products and services, necessary for a connected, prosperous, sustainable and happy life. The collaborative economy could lead us to a more social, sustainable and economically sound society.  Want to change how you receive these emails?  You can unsubscribe from this list    Liked what you read but haven't subscribed yet? Click here! Or forward to a friend: sharing is caring! This email was sent to  why did I get this?    unsubscribe from this list    update subscription preferences  ShareNL · Gabriël Metsustraat, Oud­Zuid, Amsterdam, Nederland · Amsterdam, 1071EA · Netherlands 
  7. 7. 6­12­2016 Keeping up the good work: the reach of collaborative economy is expanding http://us4.campaign­ 7/7