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Anne Hurst Artwork


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My original Art work and student work completed under my guidance.

Published in: Education
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Anne Hurst Artwork

  1. 1. Anne Hurst Bachelor of Arts & Collegiate Professional License in Visual Arts PREK-12 Personal Artwork
  2. 2. White Earthenware Dishes Wheel thrown with high fire glaze and red iron oxide
  3. 3. White Earthenware Vase Wheel thrown with raku glaze
  4. 4. White Earthenware Bowl Slump mold high fire glaze and red iron oxide
  5. 5. Red Earthenware Bowl High fire glazes
  6. 6. White Earthenware Vase Wheel thrown and coil built with high fire glaze
  7. 7. White Earthenware Lidded Box Hand built Slab & Impressions with high fire glaze
  8. 8. Plaster Sculpture
  9. 9. Puzzle Mask Welded & Plasma Cut Steel Sculpture
  10. 10. Drapery Knot Still Life Conte Crayon on Canson Paper
  11. 11. Boot Still Life Conte Crayon on Arches Paper
  12. 12. Vegetable Still Life Conte Crayon & Oil Pastel on Arches Paper
  13. 13. Value Progression Painting Collaged Gouache on Strathmore Illustration Board
  14. 14. Chrome, mirrors & jellybeans Oil Painting on Canvas Board
  15. 15. Wooded Landscape Drypoint on Rives BFK Paper
  16. 16. Fish Fibula Hand cut & Textured Copper
  17. 17. Abstracted Peacock Feather Silver Casting
  18. 18. Anne Hurst Student Artwork
  19. 19. My Favorite Pet Hand built white earthenware with low fire glazes
  20. 20. Relief Tree Tile Hand carved slab with India ink & wax finishes
  21. 21. Identity Painting (after Jim Dine) Acrylic on Canvas Board
  22. 22. Scale Dollhouses 1”=1’
  23. 23. Hall Display Case Recycle! Hand made paper beads & Silk hoop painting with radial balance
  24. 24. Anne Hurst <ul><li>Tampa, Florida </li></ul><ul><li>Email address: [email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>Website: </li></ul>