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Information needs of health service commissioners


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Presentation to tfpl health SIG, London, November 2011

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Information needs of health service commissioners

  1. 1. Information needs of commissioners Anne Gray Strategic Change Directorate NHS Milton Keynes Evidence support for commissioning…
  2. 2. – What evidence is there about….? – What’s new? – You should know about this… What’s changed? (H&SC bill/ Public Health white paper) – NHS reorganisation /Job security – Systems and processes
  3. 3. What evidence is there about….? • How is this done elsewhere? – Service specifications, business cases and models already in use – Benchmarking, KPIs, outcomes – Commissioning support resources (NICE, Royal Colleges, professional organisations) • Will it work here? – Summaries of evidence/ impact analysis – Case finding studies • Key topics – Hot Topics – resource collections on current topics –
  4. 4. References are not enough • Attend the meetings and talk to people • Understand the significance of particular pieces of research / reports / case studies / tools • Highlight relevant sections • Summarise if possible
  5. 5. What’s new? – Resources you should know about • Knowledge@lerts for Commissioners – fortnightly email bulletin to commissioning staff & others • FYI – emails to individuals/teams • GP Briefing – supporting local CCG development • Bulletins for key teams – I need to keep up to date with…. • Key alerting services brought together on Quality MK website
  6. 6. Commissioning Handbook for Librarians • A live, collaborative, wiki based initiative developed by information professionals across NHS England • Organised to reflects the stages of the commissioning cycle • Section on Information needs of commissioners • “Ask an Expert” – PCC initiative including LIS input – putting library services up there with other commissioning support services
  7. 7. The need for clarity in evidence based commissioning. HSJ 26 May 2011 p23-25 “Using evidence is not an open and shut case. Producing evidence to aid commissioning is not enough”