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Evidence in to practice through IMPACTE groups


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An outline of the IMPACTE model of journal clubs developed in Milton Keynes (UK) to support evidence based quality improvement of patient care in primary care.

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Evidence in to practice through IMPACTE groups

  1. 1. Putting evidence into practice: Improving Primary Health Care Quality:MK Putting Evidence into Practice is a core component of Using a number of projects Quality:MK is piloting the Quality:MK programme initiatives and experimenting with processes, tools and techniques (such as the Map of Medicine and Lean IMPACTE Discussion Groups systems approaches) to enable a whole system Improving Medical Practice by Assessing approach to quality improvement across healthcare in CurrenT Evidence Milton Keynes. Six projects are focusing on the review of care pathways to improve the quality of care. At practice level, three projects have been initiated: a combination of ‘bright ideas’ and work deriving from questions about clinical practice generated by IMPACTE discussion groups. Each of these has the potential to improve the quality of care for defined groups of patients. Supporting 6 Clinical pathway reviews • Finding the research evidence base • Identify what models already exists • Research for specific question Prescribing toolkits have come out of IMPACTE IMPACTE Toolkit gathers together templates and discussions guidance to support evidence based working in • “Delayed prescriptions” strategy for reducing the primary care volume of antibiotic prescribing • IMPACTE Groups leaflet • Supporting safer prescribing in light of new • Hints and tips on running an IMPACTE Group evidence of risk, using Glitazones as an example • IMPACTE group discussion summaries templates • Implementing NICE Guidance: using Lipid • Core resources for Evidence based medicine Modification as an example • Search request template/Search result template • How do you JUDGE what you find on the internet? What have we achieved so far • Commissioning Librarian post • Clinical Effectiveness Pharmacist part of project team • 2 GP Champions • IMPACTE toolkit • Prescribing toolkits • Over 80 people involved in evidence based discussions within primary care • 7 regular IMPACTE groups in general practice • Monthly Quality:MK News bulletins For further information contact Anne Gray, Commissioning Librarian, NHS Milton Keynes Sue Lacey-Bryant, Project Manager, Quality:MK Dr. Nicola Smith, G.P. Project Cordinator Dr. Sophie Ellis, GP Project co-ordinator Jas Janjuha, Clinical Effectiveness Pharmacist Visit: http://www.QualityMK.nhs.ukQuality:MK a whole system approach to quality improvement driven by primary care, patient engagement and evidence health:mk