Role Play Induction training


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Role Play Induction training

  2. 2. Induction Program  Receive your ID card and office keys  Meet your mentor  First Aid Kit location  Equipment and facilities tour  Notice boards and office housekeeping  Mail procedures and deliveries and pickup points
  3. 3. Safety Procedures  In the event of a fire, fire alarm, bomb threat or other emergency, evacuate the building immediately to the designated meeting point  Notify the Safety Representative  Safety Representative will evacuate all staff and notify the Fire Brigade  Keep clear of the building until instructed to return  Remember to stay calm and do not panic!
  4. 4. Equipment Safety Checklist  An electrician will do a once yearly sweep and tag of all electricals  The Safety Representative will do a twice yearly equipment check for safety  New equipment must be vetted by the Safety Rep  Any computer faults and maintenance are to be reported to the Office Manager
  5. 5. Health and Safety Representative  Your Health and Safety Representative is Moira Turner.  Moira’ office phone is (03) 5555 6666 and her mobile is 0455 555 555.
  6. 6. Existing and potential hazards  Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), also called Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS)  Shoulder/neck/back injury from lifting improperly  Electrocution from improper use of equipment  Eye and vision problems due to screen glare  Office lighting not sufficient for work  Office not ventilated properly when chemicals used  Hazards such as falling objects or tripping over objects  Neck strain from copy or work not at eye level  Excessive noise in the office from equipment  Not switching off appliances in kitchen – fire hazard
  7. 7. Risk and Hazard control  RSI - Take a five minute break every half an hour  ALWAYS use correct lifting procedure – use legs!!!  Ensure equipment is switched off at power point and all electrical equipment is tagged and checked  Ensure employees know how to adjust screen glare and get regular eye checkups  Ensure all lighting is sufficient or stop work – get repairs organised immediately  Ensure windows open when using chemicals or have extractor fans fitted and working  Report ALL hazards to the Safety Rep when you see them and take action to fix them if you can  Copy holders bought for each employee and adjusted  All noisy equipment should be moved to appropriate area  Notice in kitchen and reminders to SWITCH OFF appliances
  8. 8. Incident and accident reporting  If injured in any way, you MUST report it!  Tell the Safety Representative AND fill in an Incident Report Form  Safety Representative will follow up with Office Manager and Worksafe Tasmania  If applying for Worker’s Compensation, fill in a Worksafe Worker’s Compensation Form in conjuntion with your Safety Representative  Seek medical attention by a doctor as well as filling out a form
  9. 9. OH&S Meetings  The Safety Representative has specific powers under the OHS Act to make decisions about safety  An OHS Committee has been established and consists of the Safety Representative, and the two office managers  The OHS Committee meets every quarter to discuss incidents, and promote and support initiatives aimed at improving the health and safety of EVERYONE in the studio!  Any issues that require consultation with outside bodies such as contractors or WorkSafe Tasmania will be discussed at these meetings  Minutes will be kept at all these meetings and copies given to all staff
  10. 10. Emergency Procedures – Fire 🔥  Attend to life in immediate danger  If close, activate the Break Glass Alarm on the first floor  Ring the Fire Brigade on 000.  Alert the Fire Warden, Jane Smith  Evacuate the building promptly upon hearing the alarm and listen to the Fire Warden’s instructions  Do not collect personal belongings  Walk calmly and steadily  Assemble at the corner of Forest and Henry Streets  Do not re-enter building until told to!
  11. 11. Emergency Procedures – Injury 🔥  First priority is human life at risk in immediate area of emergency – first aid!  Have a staff member notify the Safety Representative  Safety Representative will organise any further treatment where necessary  The injured party should complete an Incident Report Form as soon as possible after Injury  Forward the form to the Safety Representative
  12. 12. Emergency Procedures – Assault 🔥  Ensure any injuries are attended to  Call Emergency Services on 000 where needed  Notify the Safety Representative  Fill out an Incident Report Form as soon as possible  Organise/take part in counselling and/or mediation for parties if an internal matter  Do not admit liability if it involves the public
  13. 13. Emergency Procedures – Power Outage 🔥  If there is an emergency such as fire, evacuate as per fire evac procedures  Torches are kept in the cupboard with the First Aid Kit  If result of a lightning storm, do not answer the phone!  Notify Emergency Services if required and follow their instructions.  If no computer work can be done due to the power outage, there are always sketchbooks and pens!! 😜
  14. 14. Our responsibilites as Employers  Have up-to-date knowledge of OH&S  Provide appropriate policies and physical resources for O&HS  Communicate and implement OH&S policies  Monitor, review and improve OH&S  Ensure compliance with legislation  Ensure risk measures are produced and implemented  Undertake relevant health and safety training  Identify and take action to minimise OH&S risks  Must communicate all OH&S policies and consult about health and safety risks and corrective action  Required to notify WorkSafe of specific incidents, investigate and review incidents, injuries and risks  Ensure all staff are trained in OH&S & handling procedures
  15. 15. Your responsibilities as employees  Take reasonable care for your own health & safety  Be involved in work health & safety  Inform managers about safety incidents and risks  Report and record work health & safety risks and incidents  Comply with the OH&S policies and procedures  Undertake relelvant safety training  Follow safe working procedures  Complete workplace OH&S inducations  Identify hazards and eliminate or minimise health & safety risks within your control
  16. 16. Hazard Signs you will see around Fire Assembly Point Face Masks First Aid Lifting Technique Hand washing Staff Only Fire Hose Radioactivity
  17. 17. A list of resources related to OH&S  Safe Work Australia  Occupational Health & Safety Australia  WorkSafe Tasmania  Work Cover Tasmania (Worker’s Comp)  Tasmanian Work Health and Safety Act 2012  Australian Government OHS links (very good list) workplace/ohs-workplace-health-and-safety