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How can i claim back from nat west


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How can i claim back from nat west

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How can i claim back from nat west

  1. 1. How Can I Claim Back From…NatWest?
  2. 2. You’ll be required to lodge a complaint via letter, telephone or in branch. In order for the right person to investigate your claim, you must provide as much information about your policy as possible. NatWest haven’t given any indication on how long it will take to investigate your claim, but the industry standard of six to eight weeks is probably applicable. Some cases can be very complex and therefore their investigation times will be far lengthier. If you’re unhappy with the outcome of your complaint, then contact the Financial Ombudsman Service and they will independently investigate your claim and issue you with a final word on the matter.
  3. 3. For More Information Visit: PPI Claims