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Alhambra international overview 2018


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Privately held, ALHAMBRA INTERNATIONAL is a leading Human Resources Management Company specialized in Executive Search and Leadership Solutions

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Alhambra international overview 2018

  1. 1. Leading International Growth and Transformation Privately held, ALHAMBRA INTERNATIONAL is a leading Human Resources Management Company specialized in Executive Search and Leadership Solutions ANTWERP | PARIS | FRANKFURT | HONG-KONG | SINGAPORE
  2. 2. KEY FIGURES / EXECUTIVE SEARCH 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 TOP MANAGEMENT POSITIONS UPPER MID MANAGEMENT POSITIONS MIDDLE MANAGEMENT POSITIONS OTHER
  3. 3. POSITIONING Organizational change International Executive Search & Direct Approach Top & Middle Management – Board Members 35 + Successful Recruitments 25 years+ of Expertise 5+ Senior consultant s + Partners European, Middle East, Asian Operating Offices Leadership Consulting Executive Assessment, Executive Coaching, Team Effectiveness Family Business Corporate Advisory 100 Executives Assessments per year
  4. 4. DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY NEW PRACTICES YEARLY DEVELOPED … 2006 : ALHAMBRA INTERNATIONAL INCEPTION TOP Management │ Up Middle Management │ Middle Management Sales and Marketing / Finance / Production / R&D / Compliance & RA / Supply Chain / Quality / Human Resources Tech Industrial Consumer Markets Professional Services Education & non profit
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE SEARCH & LEADERSHIP CONSULTING 35% 35% 30% INDUSTRY PRACTICES Manufacturing IT & Digital Supply-Chain & Logistics Corporate Companies – Head Office and Subsidiaries Family Owned Companies Private Equity : LBO, Spin- off, Capital Development Start-Up Various Clients
  6. 6. EXECUTIVE SEARCH To date, 99% of our recruited candidates are confirmed by our clients after their trial period • A methodology based on a deep analysis of client needs and a perfect market knowledge Rigorous Position Analysis • Innovative recruitment tools & rapid detection of best profiles Timely Candidates Detection • A precise qualification of skills - Proper assessment methodology Accurate Qualification • A perfect match between candidates and positions Successful Match Agile Recruitment Process
  7. 7. The Assessment is tailor-made to the clients‘ objectives and competencies being assessed Several tools can be used and incoporated in the design of the assessment • Robust psychometric tests (Wave, NEO-PI 3…) • Aptitude tests (Verbal and Numerical) • Competency based Interviews EXECUTIVE ASSESSMENT We use psychometric dynamic online tests to predict performance & potential We benchmark the most valid tests of competency potential and cultural fit These tests identify talents, motives & preferred culture in one questionnaire
  8. 8. EXECUTIVE ASSESSMENT Recruitment Can be used in processes as a more decision tool Promotion Can be applied in context to identify gaps, to facilitate identification of areas improvement and to Leadership Development Can help participants more self-aware of leadership development opportunities and help them grow
  9. 9. EXECUTIVE COACHING Executive Coaching efforts focus primarily on two areas: growth and change The coach helps the leaders and executives address personal development challenges that trap their leadership and to review the models they have adopted in their management styles Various applications • Leadership Development: During the coaching process, the client and the coach can address specific the coach can address specific development objectives or explore situations in a thoughts provoking way to maximize personal and professional potential. • Career Transition: Assist executive during wanted or unwanted change • On-boarding: Can help executives to establish credibility during the crucial on-boarding phase crucial on-boarding phase
  10. 10. TEAM EFFECTIVENESS • By addressing the group as a whole, we help our clients deal with disparities in the performance levels of team members. • Team Effectiveness services highlight the skill levels of the group and the goals of the team. It is coaching which focuses on the team about its work, to improve its performance.
  11. 11. TEAM EFFECTIVENESS => 2 dimensions model Competencies that support the team’s ability to be Productive. Competencies that create an environment that supports effective collaboration.
  12. 12. TEAM EFFECTIVENESS : Our Approach What makes it different? • This approach works with the team as a collection of individuals • A team coaching process as opposed to team • An emphasis on leveraging team strengths • Various range of applications : Enhancing Merger and Acquisitions, Workplace Productivity, Managing Change
  13. 13. TEAM EFFECTIVENESS => Our Process • Identify the team • Why team coaching? • Why now? • Conduct workshop to reveal results and train the team • Establish action plans • Deploy the online assessment • Prepare for team session • Schedule of ongoing team coaching sessions • Deploy follow-up assessment A Process not an Event • New baseline and action steps
  14. 14. TEAM EFFECTIVENESS => Our Process
  15. 15. TEAM EFFECTIVENESS => Our Process
  16. 16. GEOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY International Presence - Offices with Partners and Consultants in Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific Business connections with emerging countries / Middle East / India…. Close collaboration with European Headquarters of International Companies Follow up of new trends in Digital, Technology, Industry, Supply Chain and Retail Engagement in the corporate governance and succession plans
  17. 17. •Our client is a worldwide provider of food and industrial products and services. •Alhambra International carries out the recruitment of a Regulatory Affairs Leader on the EMEA market in order to provide scientific and regulatory affairs (SRA) leadership in the Personal Care & Cosmetics space to help create significant and sustainable growth REGULATORY AFFAIRS LEADER •Our client is a worldwide provider of food and industrial products and services to the world. Alhambra International manages the recruitment of a HR Business Leader EMEA, responsible for providing leadership of HR activities and programs. The successful implementation of these HR programs will help our client create a talent-based competitive advantage. HR BUSINESS LEADER EMEA •Our client is an international manufacturer of filtration solutions for various industries. •Alhambra International handles the recruitment of an EMEA Key Account Manager for the Oil and Gas Industry. STRATEGIC KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER •Our client is worldwide leader of logistics services. Alhambra International manages to hire in 15 days the FINANCE Controller of one of its major sites in Europe. •The position was opened several months ago…. FINANCE MANAGER •Our client is a leader in Asia for engineered construction products. •Alhambra International has managed the search of a HR DIRECTOR to partner with the Group Top Managers, to lead the HR strategic plans, to manage the Group HR teams located in Asia and to deliver a full HR service fitting with the priorities defined with the Board. HR DIRECTOR SOME CUSTOMER SUCCESS IN 2017
  18. 18. MEDIA & RANKING Rankings 2017 Decideurs Guide • Major Generalist (Middle Up) : Strong Notoriety • Industry and Manufacturing: Strong notoriety • ICT and Digital: Strong notoriety • International : Strong Notorriety • Major Generalists (Top Management): Renowned Practice • Private Equity (Funds and their portfolio): Renowned Practice • HR Directors : Renowned Practice Rankings 2016 Decideurs Guide • Industry and Manufacturing: Strong notoriety • ICT and Digital: Strong notoriety • Private Equity (Funds and their portfolio): Renowned Practice • Major Generalists (Top Management): Renowned Practice • International: Renowned Practice Since its inception in 2006, Alhambra International has developed its position as an expert in Executive Search and Leadership
  19. 19. EUROPE ANTWERP Klapdorp 61 B2000 – Antwerp Belgium FRANKFURT Odenwaldstr. 69493 Hirschberg Germany PARIS 32 rue Vineuse 75116 Paris France OFFICES ASIA HONG-KONG Connaught Build. 185 Wan Chai Road Hong-Kong SINGAPORE 1 Scotts Road 24-01 Shaw Centre Singapore 228208