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Zurich - 1 Day Travel Guide


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Enjoy Zurich places to visit with
Zurich is one of the largest cities of Switzerland. The location of the city is in the central Switzerland. The population of the city is almost 2 million. It is well connected with rail, air and road traffic. The Zurich airport and the railway are one of the largest in Switzerland. Zurich is leading among the world’s largest financial hub. There are many financial institutions and well known banks located in Zurich. Since the tax rate is very low in Zurich most of the companies have started their operations here in Zurich. Zurich is becoming one of most important tourist attraction. The Zurich sightseeing is a pleasant experience since the climate of Zurich has three distinct seasons.
The tourists have many important Places to see in Zurich and one can have delightful holiday experience in this city. The city offers many tourist attractions for the tourists. Some of the major tourist attractions are mentioned here:

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Zurich - 1 Day Travel Guide

  1. 1. ZURICH
  2. 2. Swiss National Museum
  3. 3. Opera House
  4. 4. Old Town in Zurich
  5. 5. Bahnhofstrasse
  6. 6. The Great Church
  7. 7.