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Amsterdam - 1 day Travel Guide


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Amsterdam is perfect for a romantic holiday. It is very close to many beaches. One of the safest Cities in Europe and very Green and Eco-friendly City.

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Amsterdam - 1 day Travel Guide

  1. 1. 1 Day Travel Guide
  2. 2. Rijks Museum Some arts and history about Dutch culture will surely be interesting!!
  3. 3. Vondel Park Biggest park with 70 types of roses Lovely!!!
  4. 4. Van Gogh Museum Collection of Van Gogh’s works.. Truly awe-inspiring!!
  5. 5. Nieuwmarkt Ancient market area… Explore for its rich heritage and culture
  6. 6. Amsterdam Canal Cruise Enjoy the grand Dinner n Dine experience on cruise
  7. 7. Oude Kerk Oldest Parish Church is a must-visit place in Amsterdam..
  8. 8. Amsterdam is a beautiful European city to explore. A good 2-3 day trip here will be a rejuvenating experience for sure. For more information and detailed itinerary visit our website