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Social enterprises in the philippines


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Social enterprises in the philippines

  1. 1. Social Enterprise in the PhilippinesAteneo Graduate School of BusinessAteneo-Regis MBA, Sta. RosaENTREP24 January 2012Prof. Jorge SaguinsinAnna Leah B. Tomas
  2. 2. Social EnterpriseSocial Enterprise are self-sustainingbusinesses that address social orenvironmental concerns. These providenew jobs, goods and services to thepoor and disadvantaged.
  3. 3. Human Nature Launched in November 2008, a casual businessidea by sisters Anna Meloto-Wilk and Camille Meloto,together with Anna’s husband Dylan Wilk, which turnedout to be a thriving social enterprise. As of May 2010, Human Nature already developedover a hundred SKUs, 7,000 dealers, 12 branchesincluding outlets in the US. 100% organic 100% chemical free 100% Philippine-grown Incredibly affordable
  4. 4. Human Nature Philosophy• Pro - Philippines • Pro - Poor • Pro – Environment
  5. 5. Human Nature Vision…We will be the gold standard of aglobally successful enterprise with aheart that will embolden allbusinesses to better serve society.
  6. 6. Human Nature Mission… Being faithful stewards of our God-giventalents and natural resources, we will give thebest of ourselves to urgently and sustainablybuild a global company which will showcasethe best of the Philippines and uplift all ourpeople, especially the poor through providingaffordable, quality, natural products.
  7. 7. Human Nature Values• Pro – Philippines• Pro – Poor• Pro- Environment• Heart of a Hero• Stewardship• Personal Integrity• Bayanihan• World-Class Excellence• Constant Innovation• Quality of life for all
  8. 8. Raw Material Sources &Advocacies• Essential oils from local farmers’ cooperatives in Bicoland Negros.• Citronella oil produced by PFEC (Philippine Federationfor Environmental Concern), a cooperative inLabo, Camarines Norte.• Lemongrass Essential Oil is provided by theAlternative Indigenous Development Foundation, Incin Negros Occidental. The cooperative also providessolar & hydropower to poor rural communities.• Pilot organic farm in Angat, Bulacan.
  9. 9. Raw Material Sources &Advocacies• Partnering with Miss Earth and Beauty Bar and launchingCommPAssion, a lipstick campaign seeking to build adream for passion fruit farming in Mindanao.
  10. 10. About the products’ ingredients...
  11. 11. Human Nature Products MINERAL MAKE UP Love Minerals Mineral Blush Love Minerals Pressed Love Minerals Mineral Blush Powder Foundation Love Minerals Passionfruit Hydrating Lipstick Sheer Lip Soother Tinted Lip Balm
  12. 12. Hair Care Products Hair Mask Moisturizing & Strengthening Conditioner Moisturizing & Strengthening Shampoo
  13. 13. FACIAL AND LIP CAREBalancing & Hydrating Facial Toner Balancing & Hydrating Facial Wash Day & Night Face Moisturizer Lip Balm - Bee Propolis & Beeswax with Calendula Super-Fruits & Black Rice Facial Scrub Sunflower Beauty Oil Sunflower Cleansing Oil
  14. 14. BODY CAREAll-Natural Deodorant Body Butter Body Scrub with Lemongrass Eucalyptus Shaving Oil Hand & Body Lotion Moisturizing Massage Oil Feminine Wash
  15. 15. Kids Care Aloe Vera Childrens Shampoo Citronella Bug Spray DEET FREE!Aloe Vera & Chamomile BabyShampoo & Baby Wash Kiddie Hand Sanitizers
  16. 16. HAND AND FOOT CARE Hand and Foot Salve Hand & Foot Salve Pocket Hand Soap Spray Sanitizer Citrus Burst Sugarcane Hand Sanitizer
  17. 17. Acronym ECHO means: E for Environment, C forCommunity, H for Hope, and O for Organization.
  18. 18. Echo Store Conceptualized by the power of 3 women: ReenaFrancisco, Jeannie Javelosa and Chit Juan.
  19. 19. Echo Store’s 3 Principles1.) SELF – through a wholistic, healthy & clean lifestylethat integrates Body-Mind-Spirit wellness2.) COMMUNITY – through consciousconsumerism, promoting fair trade and povertyalleviation programs.3.) PLANET – through eco-friendly purchases
  20. 20. Echo Store’s 3 Sectors1.) PRODUCER OR SUPPLIERS –growing, producing & creating their products.2.) ORGANIZATIONS & PARTNER GROUPS –funding community development initiatives &livelihood programs.3.) CONSUMERS OR MARKETS – looking for thebest deals in town.Product + Organization/Partners + ECHO Store= Conscious Consumer
  21. 21. Echo Store’s Products & AdvocaciesHOPE BAGS• Part of profit goes to advocacy such as:a.) environment fund --- for green bagb.) building homes fund --- for brown bagc.) children’s education fund --- for beige bag
  22. 22. Echo Store’s Products & AdvocaciesAll natural personal care products without harmful chemicals:Spa in a Bottle 50ml • Spa in a Can 100g • Shampoo 150ml • Conditioner150ml • Shower Gel 150ml • Hand and Body Lotion 150ml • Antibac LiquidHand Soap 150ml • Antibac Hand Sanitizer 50ml • Bar Soap 100g • LipBalm 10gPercent of profits goes to:- Holistic health programs of women such as livelihood projects, educationprograms for sanitation & hygiene, cancer prevention, mental & physicalhealth, & women empowerment.
  23. 23. Echo Store’s Products & AdvocaciesProducts are made from old, discarded or unused items.- Second life supports home livelihood to assist in povertyalleviation, women empowerment & dignity of life.
  24. 24. Echo Store’s Products & Advocacies ECHO Café is the Sustainable Food arm of ECHO StoreSustainable Lifestyle. Advocates healthier meals that are either organically grownor do not contain chemicals, artificial preservatives, pesticidesor growth hormones. Menu lists are: mushroom burger, malunggay sampler, soychorizo platter, arrabiata sundried tomato pasta, warmmushroom arugula salad. Food purchase at the café benefits various communitieswhere the organic ingredients are grown.
  25. 25. Echo Store’s Products & Advocacies Chocolate bars made from local cacao beans sourced from Davao & Muscovado sugar from Negros Bottles specialties: Laing, Bicol Express and Ginataang Puso ng Saging Pickled Bamboo Shoots (achara) from Iloilo
  26. 26. Echo Store’s Products & Advocacies Wrapsody: Pill Nut filled pastries from Bicol Tomato Jelly, Sun- Dried Tomatoes and Tamarind concentrate from Nueva Ecija Premium Coffee Blend from Mount Kanlaon, Bacolod
  27. 27. Echo Store’s Campaigns Sustainable green recycling campaign specificallydesigned for companies. A tri-partite partnership composed of thecompany, community and ECHO Store. Partnering with companies through MOA: RCBCPlaza, Philippine Christian Foundation, Brgy. Luz CebuHoldings, Accenture and Punongbayan and Araullo.
  28. 28. Echo Store’s Campaigns Feeding program of ECHO Store & Kabisig ng KalahiFoundation. Feeds malnourished children 6 years old and below. Supports also livelihood programs for some mothers ofthe kids under the feeding program. Portion of sales of ECHO Store’s malunggay products aregiven to the feeding program.
  29. 29. Other Social Enterprises in the Philippines
  30. 30. “Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish orteach how to fish. They will not rest until they haverevolutionized the fishing industry.” -Bill Drayton (Ashoka Founder)“I’m encouraging young people to become social businessentrepreneurs and contribute to the world, rather than justmaking money. Making money is no fun. Contributing toand changing the world is a lot more fun.” -Muhammad Yunus
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