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English verbs.

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Topic: Irregular verbs. Studen’s name: Ana G. Melgoza Núñez. English Level: “Basic 2”. Date: Thursday, March 19th 2015.
  2. 2. “Give” “Dar” Simple past: Gave Give thanks for everything. Past participe: Given
  3. 3. “Go” “Ir” Past participe: Gone Simple past: Went I’m going to begin my diet tomorrow.
  4. 4. “Grow” “Crecer” Simple past: Grew Deserts are too arid for grass to grow. Past participe: Grown
  5. 5. “Have”, “Tener” Past participe: Had. Simple past: Had. You like to have fun and enjoy life to the full.
  6. 6. “Hear” “Oir” Simple past: Heard. Have you heard the latest news on the radio? Past participe: Heard.
  7. 7. “Hit”, “Golpe” Past participe: Hit. Simple past: Hit. That baseball player hits the ball very hard.
  8. 8. “Hurt”, “Lastimar” Simple past: Hurt. Forget what hurt you but never forget, what it taught you. Past participe: Hurt.
  9. 9. “Keep”, “Mantener” Past participe: Kept. Simple past: Kept. Keep calm and listen to Bunbury.
  10. 10. “Know”, “Saber” Simple past: Knew. You will know the results of your exam tomorrow. Past participe: Known.
  11. 11. “Leave”, “Dejar” Past participe: Left. Simple past: Left. This is the third time Anna has left the door wide open.
  12. 12. “Lose”, “Perder” Simple past: Lost. We have won the battle, but lost the war. Past participe: Lost.
  13. 13. “Make”,”Preparar” Past participe: Made. Simple past: Made. He has to make a cake.
  14. 14. “Mean”, “Significado” Simple past: Meant. My mother's gift meant so much to me. Past participe: Meant.
  15. 15. “Meet”, “Encontrar”. Past participe: Met. Simple past: Met. We are going to meet, at the restaurant.
  16. 16. “Pay”, “Pagar” Simple past: Paid. She has paid the price for all her mistakes. Past participe: Paid.
  17. 17. “Put”, “Poner” Past participe: Put. Simple past: Put. Put the books you need aside, I'll take the rest to Luis.
  18. 18. “Quit”, “Abandonar” Simple past: Quit. I need to quit smoking. Past participe: Quit.
  19. 19. “Read”, “Leer” Past participe: Read. Simple past: Read. Have you read any of his novels?.
  20. 20. “Ride”, “Montar” Simple past: Rode. My boyfriend likes to ride his bike. Past participe: Ridden.
  21. 21. “Run, “Correr” Past participe: Run. Simple past: Ran. My sister can run 100 meters in 11 minutes.
  22. 22. “Say”, “Decir” Simple past: Said. I always say what I feel. Past participe: Said.
  23. 23. “See”, “Ver” Past participe: Seen. Simple past: Saw. I don’t see where I put my glasses.