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  1. 1. Business communication is a process of transfer of information and understanding between part and people of business organisation. It consists of various electronic tools for communication within the organisation. Convey the right information and message. Contact with external party. Development of managerial skill. Implementation of changes. Good industrial relation.
  2. 2.  Video conference Tele communication Social networking sites Data base
  3. 3.  A video conference can help business to organize real time meetings with your employees, associates and investors at remote places. It becomes necessary when you need to organize an important business meeting involving large number of people from all over the world Apart from business meetings, video conference also make it easier for business professionals and academics to attain training session online as and when required.
  4. 4.  Tele-Communication is the way of transformation ofinformation through wireless medium. Advantages: By this Technology we can easily exchangeour information in short or long distances. Disadvantages: Creation of Scams, Wire tapping,etc. Some technologies: 1. Internet 2. Radio & Television 3. Telegraph & Telephony
  5. 5.  Through these sites business men are able to communicate specially with the customers. Find new customers with the advanced search technology. Monitor the brand across the web. Reach the Target Customers.
  6. 6.  A database is an organized collection for one or more purposes , usually in digital form. It is a collection of similar types of information. With the introduction of database system , the communication in business organization has changed to an extreme level. It can store large number of data at a stance and can be easily accessed. Database can have a backup system which can be very helpful when a data is lost.
  7. 7. The advent of business communication hasrevolutionised the business world. Today, thesuccess of any business organisation depends onthe quality of communication which is an urgentneed of the business world. In modern era, the communication is madethrough electronic and digital medium. Thescientific emergence has transformed the entirearea of communication into an era of informationtechnology.