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Questionnaire analysis

  1. 1. QUESTIONNAIREANALYSISHere is the analysis of both ourphysical and survey monkeyquestionnaire’s
  2. 2. “1. What is your gender?” This question was purely to determine if there was a divide between the genders on film choice and if one favoured psychological horror’s more than the other.From our physical questionnaireswe found there were 15 female’sand 16 male that answered. On ourSurvey Monkey Questionnaire wefound that 9 female and 9 malecandidates answered. This meansthat as it is an equal split, we canget a good balance of male andfemale answers.
  3. 3. “2. Which category below includes your age?”This question was to determine the age of the person answering tomatch their views on the genre to what age group it is most popularwith. Our results suggest that the age group “16-30” answered morethan any other group maybe suggesting they enjoy films the most.However, considering that the majority of people that we know andtherefore asked to fill in the questionnaire are our own age, this maysuggest that it could be a slightly unrealistic statistic.With the age group “16-30” beingthe obvious winner, “31-45” camesecond, with “46-60” coming third.We did not ask anyone younger than16 as psychological horror filmsrated a 12 or below are very limited.
  4. 4. “4. Please describe your race/ethnicity (optional)”This questions role was just to indicate if there was a particularrace/ethnicity more inclined towards the genre. We chose to put this optiondown as “optional” as it may be sensitive to some. As we live in a rural area,most people who answered tended to give an answer along the lines of“white, British.” This suggests we haven’t had the opportunity to research if acertain ethnicity or race are more interested as the people who answeredare mostly the same race or ethinicty.Some exceptions where “English, Mixed-race” etc.
  5. 5. “4. On average, how many films do you watch per month?” This question was to identify if the people who were being questioned where movie lovers and whether this would influence there choice in genre (whether they enjoyed psychological horror’s or not.)We found from this question thatmost people watched 3-4 moviesa month averaging at around 1 aweek. The fact that only oneperson said they didn’t watch anya month suggests that theanswers we received in thisquestionnaire are from peopleinclined to watching films, a goodthing as they are more likely tohave seen more psychologicalhorror films.
  6. 6. “5. What film title comes to your mind when you say “psychological horror?”This question was to establish what the most famous and well-known titlesare in the genre and whether the genre is well established with filmwatchers. We found that some people couldn’t name a title or named a titlethat wouldn’t be classed under this genre as they tended to not include the“psychological” element in the film. However there was also a good numberof legitimate answers given showing the genre is known by a large amountof film watchers.The most popular film suggested was“Paranormal Activity,” a modern twist on apsychological horror film. This wasnt what weexpected as we predicted more of the classictitles such as “The Shining” and “Silence ofthe Lambs” to appear more popularlyhowever this shows that our audience knowmore recent films better than the older ones.
  7. 7. “6. What do you like/dislike about psychological horror films?”This question was to try and find out what the generalfeeling was about this genre and what makes themenjoyable or not enjoyable. Obviously for this question wereceived a massive variety of answers however the mostcommon answers where that a lot of people found the thingthey either disliked or liked the most was the thrill of beingscared or disturbed by it. Another common thing that wasliked about the genre was the build-up of suspense and theunknown.
  8. 8. “7. What would expect to see in the opening of a psychological horror film?”This question was to see what would be expected fromaudiences in the opening of this genre of film to see if itmatched our findings from our deconstructions and to maybetake some ideas away from the suggestions made. The resultsfrom this question where again, very varied, however theoverriding answer was an intense, disorientating beginning thatsets the scene and introduces the main characters. We alsohad some suggestions that we felt didn’t suit the genre verymuch at all such as “a fight between men and zombies.”
  9. 9. “9. Out of the following, which is the biggest factor in building tension in a psychological horror film?” This question was to try and identify what audiences felt the main factor of building tension, something essential to this genre, in psychological horror films. We expected a varied answer however we came out with a clear winner with sound claiming most people’s choice.Sound was the clear winner withcamera work coming second andthe setting coming third. Thissuggests that audiences noticethat music builds tensiondramatically and is used verycommonly in this genre. Thisshows that when creating ourown first 2 minutes of a film inthis genre, sound is somethingthat we must focus on.