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Evaluation questionnaire


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Evaluation questionnaire

  1. 1. EVALUATION QUESTIONNAIREThese are the resultsfrom the questionnairethat we handed out tothe audience just afterviewing our 2 minuteopening
  2. 2. ViewingsWe held our main viewing at school for a groupof randomly selected members of the sixth form.We put on our 2 minute opening on for themand then immediately asked them to fill in aquestionnaire straight after it had finished. Thismeant that the movie opening was still fresh intheir minds and so their answers would be asrealistic as possible. All of this audience wasaged between 16 and 18, an age group that wewould want to aim our product at.
  3. 3. After we collectedresults in this way, weheld further viewingsfor audiences ofdifferent ages, somebeing ourparents, other’s justpeople who werewilling to help us. Wedidn’t ask anyoneunder the age of 15 towatch the movieopening as we believeit would be classed asa Pegi rating 15. Byincluding as many ageranges as wecould, we tried to seewhat a wide audiencethought of the filmopening.
  4. 4. 1) What genre do you think this film is?Romantic Comedy Fantasy HorrorResults for this were very certain, 100% of the 30 people who filled inour questionnaire thought that this was horror film. This is of course asuccess as this was the desired aim.2) Do you feel this is a realistic movieopening?Yes NoOn this question too, the results we received where 100 % yesshowing an overall positive result.
  5. 5. 3) In our movie opening, which factor builtup the most tension?Sound Lighting Camerawork Editing Characters Settingsoundcamera worklightingcharacterFor this question, it wasclear that the biggest factorwas sound. This inconjunction with our genreresearch questionnaire wasvery satisfactory as throughthis we found that soundwas the most popularchoice and therefore triedto make this a priority.
  6. 6. 4) Do you feel that the chosen sound effects and musicare appropriate?Yes NoAs we tried to focus on sound a lot through the production of our 2 minuteopening, we tried to see if our efforts had been successful. For this question we alsoreceived another 100% yes answer from the 30 people who filled in thequestionnaire.5) Do you think the camerawork looks professional?Yes NoFor this question we received one negative answer however the majority all answered“yes” which we felt was an overall good result.6) In your opinion, does the setting match the genre?Yes NoFor this question we received 26 “yes” answers and 4 “no” answers. This showed thatsome people didn’t agree with our choice however the majority thought that itmatched well.
  7. 7. 0-15 16-30 31-45 46-60 61-75 76+7) Which age group would you think this filmwould be aimed at?05101520253016-30 31-45 46-60The majority of answers alltended to associate this openingwith a younger market. Webelieve this is due to the youngmain character. There were also 4answers in the 31-45 categoryand 1 for the 46-60.
  8. 8. 8) Where would you chooseto view this film?wait until DVD release to a high street storeStraight away in the cinema online purchase9) Where would you expect to seethis film advertised?Online television advertmagazine/newspaper advert social networkOnlinetelevision advertmagazine/newspaper advertsocial networkStraight away inthe cinemawait until DVDrelease to a highstreet storeonline purchaseThis result showed that the majority would go out and pay money to seethis film straight away which is obviously very positive feedback. It alsosuggests that this would be a box office hit if it were to be really released.This result was fairly neutral but the majority werewith television advert. Social networking howeverscored very high showing a bigger opportunity toadvertise through new media is immerging.
  9. 9. YES NO10) Would you want to see more of thismovie?100% of viewers said they would want to seemore of this film. With this result, it is clear thatwe have produced a movie opening that drawsthe audience in and attracts them to stay with thestoryline.