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Ben soltane on Access to Information


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Ben soltane on Access to Information

  1. 1. Access to information LawPrepared and presented by:Khair AlDin bn SoltanLaw and legislative consultant for the ex-tunisian governmentGovernment Presidency
  2. 2. I- The principles to access information1. Everyone has the right to access information ownedor acquired by governmental institutions (Theexecutive, legislative and judicial powers)2. Placing requests should be an easy and free process.It could be through email or post or delieveringpersonally or verbally3. No justification is needed for asking for information orwhat will be done with this information4. Employees are obligated to help applicants andspecifying the general structure on which will be usedto send information5. Replying should be within 15 days maximum
  3. 3. 6.Information can be hardcopy or softcopy andchecking originals is also possible.7 . Checking original documents should also befor free unless a photocopy is made or a copy ona CD or DVD or any other form.8 . All information can accessed except for somespecial cases however a justification must beprovided.9 . Everyone has the right to file a report to thecourt against management for refusing access toinformation.10 . Public institutions should voluntarily putinformation on their structure, tasks, budget andactivities.
  4. 4. II- Challenges faced when preparationthe law•The political situation of the country•The institutional gap•Difficulty in engaging the civil society:Participatory approach was weak•The laws of privacy was not presented.
  5. 5. Archiving LawStatistics LawCivil service LawPersonal Data Protection ActLaw on the Protection of Literary and ArtisticPropertyCriminal Code
  6. 6. III - Accompanying actions: an actionplan - the road map-Control and review of legal texts based on theconfidentiality of information management: theCivil Service Law, Archive Law, the Personal DataProtection Act, the Statistics Law, the CriminalCode, the law of literary and artistic property-Media campaigns directed to agents and thepublic-Agents is very important component
  7. 7. -Issuing explanatory leaflets that explain andsimplifies the purposes of various provisions ofthe law to get the information directed to staff-Issuing evidence under the control ofadministration to confirm their right to accessto information and how its done-The experience of the Ministry of Finance
  8. 8. Thank you for listening