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Enter Sandman


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music video deconstruction

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Enter Sandman

  1. 1. Metallica – Enter Sandman Annabel Street
  2. 2. • Metallica is a heavy metal, American band and their song ‘Enter Sandman’ was released in 1991. • At the beginning of the video we see fast cuts between a young boy restlessly sleeping and extreme close up shots of someone playing guitar, wearing a skull ring. These images are already making the audience feel uncomfortable and follows conventions of a heavy metal music video. • The skull has images of death which is a stereotypical theme within heavy metal bands. • The quick transitions between the shots is disorientating and makes the audience feel tense as the music starts to build up (there are no lyrics).
  3. 3. • This image of a scary man is used throughout the video. The use of a close up shot allows the audience to see his angry expression and the wrinkles on his face. He is making direct contact with the audience by looking straight at the camera which makes us feel very uncomfortable. • The image lacks colour, along with the rest of the video. The overall picture is quite dark which is stereotypical for a video of that genre and reflects the tone of the music. This also shows Andrew Goodwin’s theory that the visuals in a music video reflects the tone and atmosphere of the song.
  4. 4. • It is stereotypical for a heavy metal video to include shots of the artists playing their instruments as it proves that they can perform live. Fans will also enjoy extreme close up like this one as they can copy the guitar chords and patterns.
  5. 5. • We see a close up of the artist singing which is conventional of music videos. However, unlike other genres (such as pop) heavy metal bands don’t tend to have as much lip syncing. This Metallica video follows the conventions for heavy metal videos as we don’t often see him singing. • The use of a close up allows us to see the lead singer’s style. He has long hair, facial hair and isn’t professionally styled, which suggests he hasn’t take much care over his appearance – stereotypical of a heavy metal artist/fan. We also see the expression on his face – angry and tough. This allows us to understand the band’s emotion towards the song and the way they would perform if seen live.