Pruning Your Shrubs


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Pruning Your Shrubs

  1. 1. Pruning Keep your shrubs healthy by 314-749-1005
  2. 2. 314-749-1005PRUNING Five methods of pruning Lowering shrubs Keep your shrubs healthy
  3. 3. 314-749-10055 PRUNING METHODS Each method provides a way to improve the health and future of the plant. Using a combination of pinching, thinning, renewal pruning, shearing and heading back, and at-home gardener can perform every task of pruning to benefit the shrub.
  4. 4. 314-749-1005METHOD # 5 PINCHING Pinching is simply the removal of a terminal portion of any green, succulent plant before it has a chance to become firm and woody. Pinch pruning will eliminate the necessity of a more drastic pruning in the near future.
  5. 5. 314-749-1005METHOD # 4 THINNING Thinning allows the plant to become more open without stimulating any type of new excessive growth. The ideal rule of thumb is to make a lateral pruning cut that is no more than a third of the diameter of the branch being excised. Thinning is often performed using a saw, loppers, or pruning shears. Never use hedge shears. Once completed, the shrub may display itself with a straggly appearance.
  6. 6. 314-749-1005METHOD # 3 RENEWAL PRUNING Renewal pruning, also known as rejuvenation, is a technique that removes the shrubs oldest branches through the process of pruning them down near the ground. This leaves the younger, bigger branches to reinvigorate the plant, to a healthier state. Tiny stems (those less than the diameter of a pencil) should also be excised.
  7. 7. 314-749-1005METHOD # 2 SHEARING Shearing is a procedure that involves the cutting of most shoots. It is performed with hedge or shearing clippers. Typically used for forming a formal hedge, Shearing often destroys the natural traditional shape of the shrub.
  8. 8. 314-749-1005METHOD # 1 HEADING BACK The process of Heading Back is simply removing the terminal portion of any woody branch using the method of cutting it back to a healthy branch or bud. This pruning method will stimulate the growth of new shoots just below the cut, making the plant much denser
  9. 9. 314-749-1005Before beginning any type of pruning, it is essentialto disinfect the pruning equipment using nine partswater to one part chlorine.Use a cup or bowl that is large enough to dip thepruning tool into the solution between each cut.Neglecting this procedure provides theopportunity to easily spread disease to differentparts of the shrub, or even to other plants.