Halloween 6 (Planning A Party)


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In this presentation you will learn how to plan the perfect spooky party to impress your guests. Brought to you by http://.skype-englishschool.com/

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Halloween 6 (Planning A Party)

  1. 1. Halloween-Planning a Partyby Skype English School- Anna<br />http://skype-englishschool.com/<br />
  2. 2. Halloween Party Planning Ideas<br />Are you trying to organize the best Halloween party that will <br />be talked about for weeks after your special event? <br />Depending on how much money you want to spend on supplies and how much effort<br />you&apos;re willing to put into it, the more of these ideas used -- the scarier your<br />party will be.<br />Mix and match tips to fit your preference and check your haunted house or party<br />setting over for any hazards your guests may run into. For a safe Halloween<br />party, plan ahead and remove any possible dangers.<br /> <br />http://skype-englishschool.com/<br />
  3. 3. Party Tips<br />Halloween parties make a great alternative to trick-or treating. For an <br />incredible, well-put together Halloween party, it&apos;s best to make <br />arrangements well in advance. Here&apos;s some party planning tips for a <br />terrifying good time. <br />Send out Invitations<br />Get your party invitations out 1-2 weeks before the party. To avoid any confusion, <br />clearly state instructions about themes, costumes, and when the party <br />ends.<br />Have Adult Supervision<br />For minors, adult supervision is necessary for safety reasons as well as preventing any property<br />damage. Adults can help with the party and enforce rules, while the guests have fun.<br /> <br />http://skype-englishschool.com/<br />
  4. 4. Have a Camera Handy<br /> <br />Take pictures and arrange them in a photo album to show your <br />guests after the party. Better yet, Buy a huge photo album and <br />add pictures every year, after your annual Halloween Party. It&apos;s hilarious to watch<br />how the costumes evolve over the years.<br /> <br />Another idea is to have someone take Polaroid pictures of each <br />guest as they arrive. Give everyone their pic as they leave <br />your party in remembrance of the occasion.<br /> <br />http://skype-englishschool.com/<br />
  5. 5. Have a Backup Plan<br /> <br />If you&apos;re planning your party outdoors, be prepared for inclement <br />weather. Have other arrangements ready at a moments notice.<br /> <br />Get Help in Decorating<br /> <br />Allow some guests to arrive early and help with the Halloween decorations. This<br />will ease your workload and add some creative minds.<br /> <br />http://skype-englishschool.com/<br />
  6. 6. Supply Food and Candy<br /> <br />And plenty of it. What&apos;s a party without goodies? Try dressing up your <br />food to look like gross things such as eyeballs, body parts, etc. Make <br />the punch look like blood.<br /> <br />Hand out Party Favors<br /> <br />Don&apos;t let the kids leave empty handed. Hand out gifts to <br />game contest winners and make up some party favor bags <br />with Halloween candy.<br /> <br />http://skype-englishschool.com/<br />
  7. 7. Carving a Jack &apos;O Lantern<br />Your pumpkin will last longer if you use an electric or battery operated lighting device instead of a candle.<br />If you choose to use a candle, insert an appropriate scented one -- such as cinnamon, spice or &quot;baked pumpkin pie.&quot;<br />Coat the edges of your carving with petroleum jelly to reduce shriveling.<br />You don&apos;t have to carve your pumpkin. Consider using a stencil to draw on the face. Fill in the features with markers or acrylic paint made for crafts.<br /> <br />http://skype-englishschool.com/<br />
  8. 8.  <br />http://skype-englishschool.com/<br />