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Halloween 3a (Decorating)

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In this lesson you will learn how to decorate for Halloween. Let us help you to petrify your party goers ! Brought to you by

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Halloween 3a (Decorating)

  1. 1. Halloween Decorations by Skype English - Anna<br /><br />
  2. 2. There&apos;s no lack of resources in October for Halloween party decorations, <br />props and accessories! Look around the discount and novelty stores for all <br />kinds of traditional spooky items for your party that will scare your guests silly.<br />Jack-o-Lanterns<br /> <br />What&apos;s Halloween without a jack-o-lantern? Find some stencils to <br />carve or paint scary faces on your pumpkins to add the traditional touch to your party.<br />Candles<br />Use candles inside your carved jack-o-lanterns to make the faces<br />glow. Put some dark colored candles in creepy candleholders <br />around your snack table for a gothic touch. Use caution with <br />open flames and make sure no costumes will come near them.<br /><br />
  3. 3. Crepe Paper<br /> <br />Use traditional crepe paper decoration to add Halloween colors to your<br />party table and anywhere else you see fit.<br /> <br />Spider Webs<br /> <br />Buying fake spider webs is one of the most cost-effective <br />decorations. They&apos;re cheap and can be found at your local discount <br />store. You can make your own with cotton batting found in the <br />crafts department. What&apos;s a spider web without spiders? Pick up <br />some creepy fake spiders to add to the webs. Better yet, add <br />some fake bugs too for your spider&apos;s victims.<br /><br />
  4. 4. Fake Blood What&apos;s creepier than blood? You can find fake blood in the stores or make your own blood cheap! Using fake blood is better left for outdoor parties if you&apos;re concerned about any messes or staining. If you use it indoors, make sure it&apos;s contained.   Shadows Cut out spooky shapes such as a bat, ghost or cat in some heavy construction paper. Tape it to a flashlight and place it in a strategic position to make your guests look twice.<br /><br />
  5. 5. Sound Effects<br /> <br />There&apos;s plenty of tapes and CDs available with creepy sounds such<br />as lightning, screams, banging and creaking. Use these outside or<br />in an entryway for the element of surprise.<br /> <br /> <br />Lighting Effects<br /> <br />Use special lighting to compliment your sounds. Dim lighting is<br />always preferable to set the spooky setting and a strobe light adds<br />a special touch to simulate lightening. A black light sets an<br />unsettling atmosphere and can be found in most party supply<br />stores.<br /><br />
  6. 6. CoffinsUse your imagination! You can build your own coffin with 6-8 wood pieces and place a dummy in it. Or consider having it closed and place one of those fake arms coming out of it. Add some fake blood to the side for a downright gross affect.  ScarecrowsPerfect for the Autumn season, scarecrows are fascinating to look at and add mystery to your yard. Set the atmosphere for your scarecrow by adding bales of hay, cornstalks, and Indian corn -- and he&apos;ll definitely get attention. Use our scarecrow instructions for easy homemade scarecrows.<br /><br />
  7. 7. Tombstones<br /> <br />Perhaps one of the creepiest things is a tombstone with the inscription R.I.P. which is<br />reminiscent of old-time graveyards believed to be haunted according to old myths and<br />urban legends. You can find tombstones in the holiday section of most stores around<br />Halloween, or make your own and add some originality!<br /> <br /> <br />Fog Machine<br /> <br />There&apos;s nothing like fog around to send chills up your spine. <br />Fog machines are easier to find these days around Halloween <br />and aren&apos;t near as expensive as they used to be. Most fog machines <br />are water based and are simple to use.<br /><br />
  8. 8. Paint it Black Go gothic with a black party scheme. Choose all black decorations and tableware. Buy some flat black spray paint for items such as vases, napkin holders, pumpkins -- anything you can think of. Don&apos;t want black? Try purple, orange, or midnight blue.  Ravens Create chills with ghastly grim, black ravens, sparrows, or crows placed on shelves, tables, and unexpected places like on the serving table or in the bathroom. Your guests will get goosebumps at the ominous implications of seeing these mysterious birds indoors.  <br /><br />
  9. 9. Halloween Decorations by Skype English School - Anna<br /><br />
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    Oct. 30, 2009

In this lesson you will learn how to decorate for Halloween. Let us help you to petrify your party goers ! Brought to you by


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