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Bpp anna, anna, hannah


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Bpp anna, anna, hannah

  1. 1. Cell Phone Companies VS By: Anna Sweeney, Anna Campos & Hannah Fuentes
  2. 2. TechnologyThe Mission:At&t is a company that mainly basestheir business off of technology.They want their consumers to have thebest of the best in products.
  3. 3. Staying ConnectedThe Mission:Verizon Wireless is committed tomaking sure that their costumers canalways reach other anytime anywhere.
  4. 4. $$$$$$$What does it take financially to runa successful company like Verizon orAt&t?
  5. 5. Job Opportunitie sVerizon offers careers and programs such as:Internships, Campus hiring programs, events andcorporate responsibilities. Benefits are also awesome with Verizon. Benefitscover Education and Training, Family (EmployeeAss., Home and Auto Ins.), Time Off/ Vacation,Health and Well Being and Financial Rewards.
  6. 6. Traini ngAt AT&T employees stay current on the latestdevelopments in our industry and in their area ofenterprise.Training and development programs at AT&Tinclude instructor led classes, self-paced e-learningcourses and web conferences.
  7. 7. Verizon HistoryVerizon is truly 21st Century Company, the merges thatformed Verizon were many years in the making. TheMergers that formed Verizon were among the largest inU.S. business history.Verizon Communications Inc. based in New YorkCity and Incorporated in Delaware was formed inJune 30,2000.
  8. 8. At&t HistoryAT&T began 1875, in arrangement among inventorAlexander Graham Bell.AT&T was the first to invent the first telephoneexchange operating under license.AT&T also engaged with the Bell System thatprovided what was by all the best telephone systemin the world.