Music Video Evaluation


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Music Video Evaluation

  1. 1. “Flawless” MUSIC VIDEO EVALUATION Research and Planning Anna Subbotina
  2. 2. OUTLINE HOW YOU DEVELOPED THE CONCEPT • The main influence that we had is black and white videos by THE NEIGHBOURHOODS. They gave us idea to create hipster unique moody band video which is heavily concentrated on their image. • To develop the idea we researched other bands that have done the same e.g. THE 1975 and THE ARCTIC MONKEYS • We’ve investigated indie gender concept and hipster audience. We deeply researched what kind of music and image they enjoy to watch.
  3. 3. IN RESEARCH WE INCLUDED: • Websites of the bands • Black and White music videos • Exploring possible audiences
  4. 4. WHAT, WHY AND THE IMPACT The research gave us suggestions about shots that we wanted to make in our video. Also it gave us ideas about the bands image and style. The research on audience made it clear how to attract them and what social network use to promote the band.
  6. 6. AUDIENCE It was easy to research target audience and to spot them for our band. We looked at websites that they like, social networks that they use, what do they do on their free time, what do they wear, their habits etc.
  7. 7. CONVENTIONS AND REAL MEDIA TEXTS Conventions Real Media Text Lighting Lighting is very important in indie videos as usually they tend to be fairly simplistic therefore good lighting will make it more visually attractive. Album Cover Album covers are simplistic as well and usually quite random. Some times bands are putting some kind of symbolic impact into them to represent their intelligence and uniqueness. Vintage To appeal to the target audience this band uses old looking props, sets etc. to appeal to their fans. Slow-motion Effect Due to the slower nature of the songs, the editing matches. Primarily quick cuts ad minimal editing are used to maintain the old feel of the video.
  8. 8. MUSIC VIDEO RESEARCH The research of music videos strongly influenced my idea of set design and type of shots that is usually being used in the videos. I researched a very interesting editing ideas to use in my project to give it professional look.
  9. 9. LOCATION, PROPS, COSTUME It was easy to make a decision about the location of the shooting. To avoid any weather problems we’ve chosen to shoot in the studio. We used slow motion performance to support slow tempo of the song and create relaxed feeling. The dancer in the studio in slow motion was brilliant idea for our music video as we used light cloth which she was dancing with and its flotation perfectly fitted to the atmosphere. The costumes were simple and very easy to get as the indie/hipster style is popular and sometimes its unisex.
  10. 10. SET DESIGN This is the set model that I’ve created with some pictures which represented the lighting.
  11. 11. ANIMATIC AND STORYBOARD The storyboard and animatic were very useful because they represented rough idea of the final product and clearly shown us which shots we were going to film. TKXq7KVDnLGICA2LjK3PVSAh5yyZa&v =gzqdDyk9gCo LINK FLAWLESS ANIMATICS
  12. 12. PLANNING THE SHOOTING DAY The plan of our shooting day helped us to shoot everything that we need and also suggest time that we need on each set so people that are not needed could go on lessons. The casting was useful to make sure that everyone that we’ve chosen are going to look good on camera that’s why we arranged screen test. We also had a rehearsal with the cast members so we can check if they know the song and lyrics. Just before the shooting we showed the whole team some video that were representing the feel that we wanted to have in the video. I think that we really thought trough all of the aspect that is why we had a very successful shooting day.
  13. 13. EVALUATION The process of researching was very helpful as we had a chance to look at which audience we are targeting which gender are we aiming to promote and how are we going to do that. Of course during shooting we had to step out of the plan any rely on set up conditions but in the end it was successful.