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TAPAS World Heritage HPHP, Robyn Bushell


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A presentation made at the IUCN WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group's Strategy and Networking event at the World Parks Congress, in Sydney 2014.

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TAPAS World Heritage HPHP, Robyn Bushell

  1. 1. TAPAS updates: * World Heritage * Healthy Parks Healthy People Robyn Bushell Institute for Culture & Society, University of Western Sydney IUCN- WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group
  2. 2. World Heritage • Apologies Peter de Brine UNESCO, WHC • Report on WH & ST strategy (Mogao 2009) adopted by WHC 2012 • People Protecting Places project: ‘How To‘ tools developed by James Redbank • workshop Strengthening South-South collaboration on World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Hongcun village (WHS) May 2014 • tested in Nordic/Baltic region • Testing in 4 African sites – Victoria Falls Dec + others next year • See
  3. 3. portal to be launched publicly in Jan 2015 series of 10 ‘how to’ guides
  4. 4. • Seeking feedback and case studies for the Portal • UNESCO and UNWTO hosting a conference on culture and tourism Feb 2015 Siem Reap (Angkor WHA) Cambodia
  5. 5. Healthy Parks Healthy People • seeks to encourage the connections between a healthy environment and a healthy society • encourages those from the health, parks and tourism sectors to work together to provide better outcomes for all • concept initiated by The UK Countryside Agency (now Natural England) pilot research into the health(and financial) benefits of green exercise • In 2000 Parks Victoria, Australian created the Healthy Parks Healthy People (HPHP) brand – commissioned a literature review of existing published work – first HPHP congress in 2010 – park agencies worldwide have also developed similar programs – HPHP has been adopted as an IUCN program Stream 3 @ WPC : developing guidelines and after TAPAS input 8.30 Tues 18th