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TAPAS Group membership, Elena Nikolaeva


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A presentation made at the IUCN WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group's Strategy and Networking event at the World Parks Congress, in Sydney 2014.

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TAPAS Group membership, Elena Nikolaeva

  1. 1. ` How to join? Saturday 15 November 2014
  2. 2. How to join Membership criteria • Experience/interest in tourism, protected areas and biodiversity conservation • Support the TAPAS Group’s vision & objectives • Be willing to volunteer time for tasks and activities of TAPAS Group • Actively participate on at least one working Group
  3. 3. How to join The membership process • Online application: • Application review by ExCo members; confirmation and welcome email sent to the applicant • Information about TAPAS member is included in the database; the member receives invitation to the Google discussion group
  4. 4. How to join The membership benefits • Exchanging dialogue and information • Sharing research information • Collaborating on potential joint publications and participating in research programs, seminars and conferences • Access to IUCN Union Portal with info about other TAPAS members and Google Group • Discounted prices for social web workshops and webinars
  5. 5. How to join New membership strategy • Updated in October 2014 by ExCo members • Official launch at the WPC! • E-version of the strategy will be available online and sent to all members just after the WPC