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TAPAS Knowledge development, Glen Hvenegaard


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A presentation made at the IUCN WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group's Strategy and Networking event at the World Parks Congress, in Sydney 2014.

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TAPAS Knowledge development, Glen Hvenegaard

  1. 1. ` Knowledge Development and Dissemination Glen Hvenegaard, University of Alberta, Canada Ralf Buckley, Griffith University, Australia
  2. 2. Steps Taken 1. Identified needs a) Surveyed TAPAS group 2.Developed materials a) Revise guidelines b) Special issues of journals 3. Disseminated research a) Networks, publications, conferences, websites, and more 4. Facilitated research a) Match researchers and projects b) Targeted projects
  3. 3. Major Outputs
  4. 4. Next Steps 1. Invite new members 2.Develop new priorities 3. Align with TAPAS Group and WCPA 4. Identify participants a) Collaboration 5.Attract resources a) Partnerships