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Overview Contract Management Anna Spenceley


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This presentation by Anna Spenceley was delivered at the 'Concessioning tourism opportunities in conservation areas and maximising rural development' workshop, held in Maputo between 19-22 March 2012 (Day 2, Session 4, Concessions Contract Management)

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Overview Contract Management Anna Spenceley

  1. 1. Development of contract Application of: Concessions contract Legal framework of the country management and monitoring: Requirements of the ToR/RfP/concessions Global and regional experience manual Proposal from concessionaire Anna Spenceley Developed through: 20 March 2012, Girassol Indy, Maputo Discussion and negotiation USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logoContents of contract Management of contract Contract terms - including obligations, rights, term, options for renewal, transfer of rights/ownership, risks, conflicts, Relationship building: Regular intellectual property communication between concessionaire / PA Concession life cycle – including length Communication channels authority Technical infrastructure management Review of progress on contract – e.g. Environmental and conservation requirements financial, environmental, social Environmental and technical monitoring mechanism Social and empowerment requirements Financial and contractual requirements – including performance bonds, user fees, maintenance Avoid arbitration wherever possible . . . Breaches, fines and penalties Code of conduct USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo SANParks, undated USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logoMonitoring Presentations Environmental, social and financial: By concessionaire (usually financial) By PA authority (usually environmental, social) Concessions management in South African Giju Varghese National Parks Monitoring issues: Concessions management in Madagascar Michalela Pawzwick Evidence Tracking progress Concessions contract management and Anabela Rodrigues Transparency monitoring in Niassa Reserve, Mozambique Strengthening communication Improving public image Covane Community Lodge, Mozambique Paulo Massanhane / Geraldo Using tools (e.g. ISO, EMAS, GRI) Palalane Sustainability reporting Performance can be used in negotiation of renewal (e.g. Botswana) USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo 1