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Great Limpopo Transfronter Park tourism Piet Theron


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A presentation made by Piet Theron on the transboundary tourism products that take place, and are planned for, the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area.

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Great Limpopo Transfronter Park tourism Piet Theron

  1. 1. Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park & Conservation Area Development of Cross-border Tourism Products
  2. 2. Benefit Sharing / Sustainable Livelihoods § Focused on buffer area / GLTFCA § Importance reiterated at Ministerial Bilateral held on 14 June 2013: • “ParFes to look into intervenFons aimed at creaFng sustainable jobs, and improving livelihoods for local communiFes surrounding the GLTP” • “Implement a demonstrable and effecFve anF-­‐environmental crime Awareness Programme” § Key intervenFons: • Development of Livelihoods DiversificaFon Strategy • Cross-­‐border tourism products
  3. 3. Current Cross-­‐border Tourism Products
  4. 4. Pafuri Walking Trail & Shangane Fes4val Zimbabwe South Africa Sengwe – Tshipise Corridor Mozambique Makuleke Area
  6. 6. Future Cross-­‐border Tourism ! ! ! Cross-­‐border Wilderness Trails Pafuri Node Cross-­‐border 4x4 Trails
  7. 7. Marke8ng, Communica8ons & Informa8on Sharing § Currently in process of developing a stand-alone GLTP / GLTFCA website § New GLTP domain registered by JMB and funded by PPF § Act as both the public face of the project as well as an information portal for the sharing of information within GLTFCA officials and key stakeholders § Also include GLTFCA Mapping Portal