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Getting the job done: Skills and capacity needs, Sue Snyman


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Presentation made at the CBD/IUCN TAPAS Group meeting on "Tourism partnerships and concessions in protected areas: Cooperating for success" meeting in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park

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Getting the job done: Skills and capacity needs, Sue Snyman

  1. 1. Getting the job done: 
 Skills and capacity needs 2nd June 2017 Block 14 Facilitator: Dr Sue Snyman
  2. 2. Capacity and skills needs assessment
  3. 3. Succession planning and skills transfer
  4. 4. Building capacity •  Clear and transparent selection criteria •  Transparent selection process •  Equitable, empowering capacity building •  Clear roles and responsibilities •  Detailed growth paths for staff •  Set goals for capacity building and measure results •  Appropriate capacity building methods •  Monitor and evaluate
  5. 5. Discussion groups ü  What existing skills do you have for managing tourism concessions? ü  What skills and training are needed? ü  How do you currently build capacity?
  6. 6. Understanding the tourism business (1) • Visitor requirements and needs • Tourism circuits • Time required for returns on investment in tourism; • Tourism occupancies, rate, costs, revenues, etc.
  7. 7. Understanding the tourism business (2) • Maintaining infrastructure, services, • Exclusivity • Skills required • Impact of conservation policies on tourism
  8. 8. Processes for increasing skills and capacity ü Formal training ü Practical mentorship training ü Exchange visits ü Technical experts ü Partnership support ü Online forums and resources