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Concessions Processes Anna Spenceley Jim Barborak


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This presentation by Anna Spenceley and Jim Barborak was delivered at the 'Concessioning tourism opportunities in conservation areas and maximising rural development' workshop, held in Maputo between 19-22 March 2012 (Day 1, Session 3, Concessions processes)

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Concessions Processes Anna Spenceley Jim Barborak

  1. 1. Concessions processes legal and policy framework for concession contracting Concessions processes: best practices for how concession programs are defined Review of processes globally and regionally and regulated prospectus development process how concession opportunities are defined, structured, priced and brought to the market and how suitable operators are selected Anna Spenceley & Jim Barborak contract management and oversight outlines best practices for how concession contracts are 19 March 2012, Girrasol Indy, Maputo managed once an operator is in place. USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo Eagles et al, 2002Regional experience on concessions Generic concessions process USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo Wyman et al, 2011 USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo Thompson, 2009Example: SANParks Concessionnaire requirements Concessionaire qualifications. Ability to be profitable. E.g. financial capital; tourism experience; knowledge of local legislation; education and training level, and language abilities. Financial responsibilities. User fee e.g. set annual fee, a flat fee + % gross revenue, or % total Environmental responsibilities. E.g. conservation, waste disposal, infrastructure development, water management Empowerment responsibilities. Local ownership, employment, and business opportunities (Legalized responsibilities. Authority granted to protected area managers to terminate a concession contract for the breach of contract.) USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo SANParks, undated USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo Eagles et al, 2002
  2. 2. Duration of processes Concession life cycle Small concession Large concession Preferred methodParks and Wildlife Service, 3 weeks in parks 6-18 months Applications (small)Tasmania Tenders (large)Great Barrier Reef Marine Park 8-10 weeks, 4 months Longer (not specified) Application (first come, firstAuthority, Australia for EoI process serve). Capped through EoIParks Canada 3-6 months 60 days effort TenderMinistry of Environment and 3-12 months 12-14 months Direct to communities, tender,Tourism, Namibia auction (hunting areas), direct with applicantsNew South Wales, Australia 4-12 weeks 6-18 months TenderUS National Parks Service 2 years 2 years Tender USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo Thompson, 2009 USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo SANParks, undated Global experience on concessions Comparative Studies Protected areas vary by size, management Conservation International funded a global category, governance regime, and tenure: desk study, based only on publicly available Legal and institutional frameworks vary online sources on the topic between and within countries USNPS partnered with CSU to continue to Who owns land and resources, the principal broaden the data base on public-private management authority, what other actors are partnerships for tourism in PAs, and involved in management and policy decisions sponsored a global workshop on the topic in Mission, vision and management objectives early 2011 and bibliography compilation Collectively determine if, where and for what Several workshops also held in Brazil purpose concessions are appropriate. Key area of interest of IUCN/WCPA/TAPAS USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo Presentations Review of processes globally/southern Anna Spenceley, Jim Barborak Africa/Mozambique Negotiation of the concession between the Carr Bartolomeu Soto Foundation and The Government for Gorongoza Concessions processes at Niassa Reserve, Anabela Rodrigues Mozambique Concessions processes in Maputo Special Irene Visser / Michelle Souto / Reserve and Limopo National Park, Peter-John Massyn Mozambique Concessions processes in South African Giju Varghese National Park Illa de Mozambique - a community rights Haffiz Jamu approach USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo