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Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Kelly Bricker


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A presentation made at the IUCN WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group's Strategy and Networking event at the World Parks Congress, in Sydney 2014.

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Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Kelly Bricker

  1. 1. Dr. Kelly Bricker Vice Chair, GSTC Chair, TIES REC
  3. 3. Q: What and Who is the GSTC? A: the leading global authority in setting standards for what can be called “sustainable” in travel & tourism
  4. 4. Supporters include:  United Nations: UNWTO + UNEP  NGO’s: IUCN, Rainforest Alliance, Universities  Private Sector: TUI Travel, Sabre  Travel Trade Associations: PATA, ATTA, ASTA Plays a unique role relating to standards Global and Virtual Advocacy for sustainable tourism, and for ST’s place in international conservation and development activities
  5. 5. GSTC’s Core Activities Criteria (Standards) for Sustainability – Hotels & Tour Operators – Destinations
  6. 6. Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s Criteria  Created with the input of worldwide expert NGO’s, academics, private sector, public authorities  Define sustainable tourism in a way that is actionable, measurable and credible.  A minimum standard of sustainability for tourism businesses and destinations across the globe.
  7. 7. 37 criteria for hotels & tour operators 41 criteria for destinations all based on these 4 pillars Social & Economic Cultural Environmental Sustainability Management Bruno Maia/ Bruno Maia/
  8. 8. GSTC Sustainability Criteria • Worldwide applicability • Suitable for developed and developing countries • For large and small businesses, and for destinations • For urban, rural, and natural areas • Considering traditional and indigenous communities
  9. 9. Utilizing the Criteria Translations  Raise awareness of ST issues by distributing them widely: to travel companies, public sector tourism officials, students…on websites and in print  Incorporate them into training materials; contact us for university tourism program collaboration  Use as a checklist to improve performance  Create national, regional, or local standards based upon them  Create subsector standards based upon them
  10. 10. GSTC’s Core Activities • Criteria (Standards) for Sustainability – Hotels & Tour Operators – Destinations • Certification: Verify Certifiers’ Programs
  11. 11. Destinations – Early Adopter Program
  12. 12. Sustainable Destination Program • Training for Destination Management • Destination Assessments
  13. 13. GSTC’s Core Activities Training Program in multiple languages on sustainable tourism, offered globally
  14. 14. How You Can Engage with GSTC Everyone: • Gain familiarity with the criteria and apply them widely • Organize GSTC Sustainable T&T Training Classes • Certification: appreciate its value and promote its application to destinations and travel companies
  15. 15. How You Can Engage with GSTC Public Sector: o Use our tools and services o Work towards destination certification Private Companies: o Certification from a GSTC-Recognized/Approved certification body o Join or sponsor NGO’s and Educators: o Join us and participate in working groups o Incorporate the criteria into programs
  16. 16. Summary… – Sustainable Destination Management –Training & Education – Certification & Standards
  17. 17. Thank you! Kelly Bricker, Vice Chair