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Barra Resorts                                                                         Traditionally we have been in Beach ...
KISS                                                           Our strategyKeep it simple                                 ...
Zinave      Govuro    Inharime                  Dobela - Maputo Elephant ReserveG                                         ...
The process                                                Obstacles  First Identify a site that suites your plan         ...
Working with Communities                                           Don’t create too much expectation, it is better        ...
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Barra resorts tourism concessions business sustainability Dave Law


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This presentation by Dave Law was delivered at the 'Concessioning tourism opportunities in conservation areas and maximising rural development' workshop, held in Maputo between 19-22 March 2012 (Day 2, Session 6, Integrating sustainability)

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Barra resorts tourism concessions business sustainability Dave Law

  1. 1. Barra Resorts Traditionally we have been in Beach resorts One might ask now what are we doing in these concession areas We are Looking to broaden our portfolio Bush and beach is our next focus We believe we have identified a market that likes to pioneer and explore new areas We plan to establish a route of Bush Camps to provide this service We therefore would like to introduce this market to the wonders of rural Mozambique Dave Law I hope this will be the catalyst to get tourism to these areas We have identified a number of sites not only in the National parks but in many other areas as well Our strategy is to develop these so we can get our foot in the door knowing this is a long term strategyOpportunities Have a strategy Mozambique is full of opportunities One should have a long term strategy One simple reason: it is very difficult to operate in Mozambique 1. The Concessions are in a pitiful state at he moment. Those who are prepared to persevere can reap the rewards in 2. So one must have long term view of the potential the long term Barra lodge is a good example, when we started we even had 3. I do expect that Private sector presence will be the to build the roads to get there catalyst to improving our parks. Today we are well established 4. Next you must have researched your target market So my philosophy is to get in early and persevere thoroughly Long term, the rewards of having been there first should pay off 5. Do not tempted to over capitalize unless you are 100% Would just like to make it clear , what ever we do it is to make a sure you have a winner profit, we are not philanthropists, but we do have a social 6. Use as much funding from external sources as possible responsibility 7. Following these strategies hopefully one should have For any of these wonderful concessions to blossom it must make a reasonable chance of success money for the operator or they will be gone. So I appeal to those concerned not to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.How to succeed Marketing Collaboration is the key to success I have not heard to much about marketing at this seminar Form alliances Marketing is the be all and end all of making Work with the communities these projects work. Work with NGO’s Without tourism you are dead before you have Joint marketing affiliations started. Work with the media I cant emphasise how important this is, Use every opportunity to collaborate with unfortunately the governments budget it pitiful, if all allied establishments this not rectified all your hard work will go down the drain
  2. 2. KISS Our strategyKeep it simple Our market research identified an adventure marketLogistically Mozambique is difficult that likes to explore with their 4X4’sDon’t complicate your operation, you can always expand I like to believe this market will be the forerunner forlater greater tourismMake sure you can manage without over extending To meet this demand we looked at setting up a chain ofConstruction must be quick and simple destinations that are approximately a 4 hr drivingBe self reliant in as much as possible, try not to depend on distance apartothers. Obviously the parks are our primary targetMake your buildings aesthetically pleasing and functional The destinations we are looking at must either beKeep all agreements as simple as possible Strategically situatedDon’t make promises you can’t keep Have a unique featureOffer a little and but deliver more Offer activities that make it a desirable destination Offer simple yet comfortable accommodation and necessary facilities Covane - Lake Masingir Barra Bush Camp Route Map Banhine Lake Banamana
  3. 3. Zinave Govuro Inharime Dobela - Maputo Elephant ReserveG Gorongosa Gorongosa
  4. 4. The process Obstacles First Identify a site that suites your plan Dealing with bureaucracy is a major obstacle You will need to have a viable concept Patience will be a key factor to success Prepare a bankable business plan If one is an entrepreneur you can make a decision My advice is to link up with a proactive NGO or in 1 minute community broker If you are an official this process can take months Make sure you can motivate the project to comply or have heard years with all the criteria required Then you need to shop this around to all the I have heard of these time lines, but it is simple to authorities concerned and also the communities make a query and then start delaying forever. that will be affected As you can imagine this is very frustrating and the Persevere cause of many people walking away I don’t have the answer but be careful you don’t kill that goose that lays the golden eggPit falls The Way forward One has to be exceptionally cautious in not In My opinion, authorities must realize that the contravening a multitude of laws and regulations only way poverty will ever be conquered is GOOD advice is essential through small business and entrepreneurs Red Tape and Labour laws do not encourage investors creating jobs My salvation has been working through NGO’s who have the patience and understanding with all the ins Tourism is sustainable and not a flash in the and out’s pan project, all around the world it has had a Unfortunately there seems to be a culture of targeting significant effect on GDP tourism operations for a multitude of fees and fines It has been claimed that for every one job Many departments depend on fines and a multitude of created 20 more people are supported fees to survive, so this is a reality. Dealing with Labour contracts and regulations is a Developing tourism in rural areas will go a long minefield, one will need a qualified expert to help way to stimulating growthCommunity participation Working with CommunitiesWe have had past experience in working with Key to establishing a long term relationship is forCommunities communities to perceive a benefit from tourismIn nearly all cases in Mozambique you will be How we have been successful has been to shareinvolved with communities some of our infrastructure, like water supplies,Its important to remember that whatever one does assistance with clinics and will be dependant on the community one way Our strategy has been to encourage tourist toor another assist in any way possible, school materials,It is vital to have a good relationship with the cloths Many companies have donated funds to projectsThe benefits of a good relationship will be I believe there is a future in community tourismnumerous projects
  5. 5. Working with Communities Don’t create too much expectation, it is better not to promise too much but rather deliver more than expected Most of all ask what the community needs, not what you think they need We have had amazing relationships with some of our local communities by having close ties Not only do they look after your assets, they also actively police your operation against any harmIn Closing Choose good sites. Location is critical Have a long term view Get good advice Work with the community Have a good marketing Strategy Keep it simple Don’t over capitalize. Thank You Dave Law