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10YFP, Marcio Favilla, UNWTO


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This presentation was made at a IUCN WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group side event at the World Parks Congress, Sydney, on 13 November 2014

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10YFP, Marcio Favilla, UNWTO

  2. 2. What is the 10YFP? It is a global framework of action to enhance international cooperation to accelerate the shift towards Sustainable Consumption (SCP) and Production in both developed and developing countries.
  3. 3. Overall Programme Vision and Goals 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme Mission The 10YFP sustainable tourism programme supports cooperation between stakeholders for the development and implementation of innovations and good practices in resource efficient and low-carbon tourism planning, reducing the loss of biodiversity, conserving ecosystems, preserving cultural heritage, alleviating poverty, improving sustainable livelihoods and adapting to the reality of the changing climate. Programme Areas • Integrating SCP principles and objectives for sustainable development • Monitoring policy implementation • Data sharing and exchange of information • Fostering stake-holder collaboration and joint action • Capacity building of stakeholders • Establishing monitoring frameworks • Mainstreaming innovative investment and financing tools • Integrated tools for destinations and tourism enterprises • Research and action on priority issues in the tourism value chain • Influencing consumer choice and behavior Programme Area 1 Integrating sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns in tourism related policies and frameworks Programme Area 2 Collaboration among stakeholders for the improvement of the tourism sector´s SCP performance Programme Area 3 Fostering the application of guidelines, instruments and technical solutions to prevent and mitigate tourism impacts and to mainstream SCP patterns among tourism stakeholders Programme Area 4 Enhancing sustainable tourism investment and financing 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme
  4. 4. LEAD ACTOR: WORLD TOURISM ORGANIZATION CO-LEADS: 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme Governance Structure Supported by the Coordination Desk
  5. 5. 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme Governance Structure Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC) Department of Tourism – Republic of the Philippines Ecotourism Korea The Regional Tourism Organization of Southern Africa Global Sustainable Tourism Council Fair Trade Tourism Federation of Tourism Enterprises of Chile Federal Ministry for the Environment Nature Conservation Building and Nuclear Safety of Germany Japan Ecolodge Association Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development Ministry of Tourism, Investment & Enterprise Development – Cape Verde Ministry of Tourism – Government of Croatia National Department of Tourism of South Africa The International Ecotourism Society Naturefriends International Rainforest Alliance IUCN-WCPA Tourism & Protected Areas Specialist Group Regional Tourism Organization of Southern Africa South Pacific Tourism Organization Sustainable Travel International The International Ecotourism Society TUI Travel PLC United Nations Environment Programme World Travel & Tourism Council Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies
  6. 6. 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme Governance Structure EUROPE: 51 GOV: 5 NGO: 21 PS: 8 UN: 6 NCPC: 4 AC: 7 ASIA PACIFIC: 17 GOV: 5 NGO: 7 IGO: 1 PS: 2 UN: 1 NCPC: 1 MIDDLE EAST: 2 NCPC: 2AFRICA: 15 GOV: 7 NGO: 4 IGO: 1 PS: 2 NCPC: 1 LATIN AMERICA & CARIBBEAN: 24 GOV: 6 NGO: 6 IGO: 2 PS: 2 NCPC: 4 AC: 4 NORTH AMERICA: 8 NGO: 4 PS: 1 AC: 3 Partners around the Globe (2014) GLOBAL LEVEL: 5 IGO: 2 BUS: 1 UN: 2 GOV: Governments NGO: Non-Governmental Organisation IGO: Intergovernmental Organisation PS: Private Sector Business NCPC: National Cleaner Production Center AC: Academia UN: UN organs
  7. 7. 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme How to join the Programme Partners are essential! By joining you will:  Access a global network of organizations and individuals working together to implement projects  Share your experience and learn from others  Benefit from advice and technical support on project design and implementation  Apply for financial support for sustainable tourism projects in developing and emerging countries through the 10YFP Trust Fund
  8. 8. 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme Thank you! For more information please contact: The 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme Coordinating Desk (interim): c/o World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Capitán Haya 42, 28020 Madrid, Spain Email: