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The role of a sound designer


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The role of a sound designer

  2. 2. WHAT IS A SOUND DESIGNER? Sound designers are responsible for providing any required sounds to accompany screen action/theater. Most sound designers are experienced sound editors who carry out a managerial roles, steering/providing direction to the work of the entire sound post production process. As well as creating the sounds for giant explosions, car crashes and the most common sound ‘rain’ sound design is much more than just this, it is also the art of creating subtle sounds that enrich the language and feeling of a film/theoretical production.
  3. 3. WHAT THE JOB ENTAILS Their first task is to identify the three main kinds of sound effects required: 1. Spot effects: gunshots, clocks, doors closing, dog barking, etc. 2. Atmosphere effects: rain, wind, traffic, birdsong, etc. 3. Sound design effects: dinosaurs, aliens, spaceships, computers, etc. Once this list is complete sound designers source different kinds of sounds, and often create and record original new material. Time is spent enhancing or distorting these original recordings to create something new and interesting, using synthesizers, samplers and audio plug-ins.
  4. 4. SKILLS NEEDED FOR THE JOB Key Skills include: Excellent aural skills Creativity and imagination Ability to work conceptually Excellent communication skills Ability to work under pressure to tight, changing deadlines Organisational and financial skills Knowledge of the requirements of the relevant Health and Safety legislation and procedures