I'll tell you a story. (It happens to be about me).


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This is my social media resume as well as manifesto. It shows you what I stand for. It tells you what I'd like to accomplish. The presentation was chosen to become Top Presentation of the Day on SlideShare the 14th of May 2013.

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I'll tell you a story. (It happens to be about me).

  1. Ill tell you a story.(It happens to be about me).
  2. This is me.My name is Anna
  3. I have worked in mostareas of comms andmarketing for 12 years.
  4. (Because I cant get enough ofcommunication!)I have a website too.
  5. Check out Communicate[your] Skills if youreinterested.(Ive pointed annarydne.com at thesame page for those who think myname is easier to remember.)
  6. People online have beenvery kind to me.
  7. It made my day!One person tweetedthat my blog was the bestcomms/marketing site hedseen in a while.
  8. steamfeed.com is one of them. I writefor them twice a month.socialmediatoday.com is another.Ive had the privilege toguest post and contributeon several other sites.
  9. Thats nice! (I will pin it to my virtualwall so I can go back and smile at itwhen Im old).The other day I got amessage from Kred tellingme I was in their top 1 % ofonline in luencers.
  10. I preach
  11. ...a genuine voice
  12. ...transparency incommunication
  13. ...the power ofemotions
  14. I believe in
  15. honesty
  16. I tell things like they are.
  17. I prefer the truth.
  18. un-wrapped
  19. Im proudto say...
  20. I keep my promises.
  21. Always deliver.
  22. And dont stab anyone inthe back.
  23. My mission is
  24. to build abridgebetween
  25. comms pros
  26. marketers
  27. andreceiversof themessage.
  28. They may be
  29. customers
  30. employees
  31. the public
  32. I do not only think as acommunicationsprofessional.
  33. I think as one in theaudience as well.
  34. Because thatswhat we all are.
  35. We are exposed to 5,000messages every day.
  36. Only the most relevantsurvive.
  37. Sometimes I tell a story tomake my point.
  38. Because stories makepeople care.
  39. Sometimes I use a bit ofhumor to connect.It can be a bit dry.
  40. Like whenI useHenry VIIIas a symbolfor down-sizing...
  41. ...or pick aphoto ofMartha tovisualizesomeonewho just needa bit of DNA towhip up a whitehorse in thegarage.
  42. I treatcommunicationas entertainment.
  43. (The same principleapplies both inprivate and publiclife).If it isnt funny, peopleswitch channel.
  44. Thats the truth.
  45. Boredomkills.
  46. I fight it every day.
  47. Wanna join me?communicateskills.com - anna@communicateskills.com@CoSkills on Twitter and SlideSharelinkedin.com/in/annarydne