The Little Monsters


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The Little Monsters

  1. 1. By: Anna Pham Imani Morris andTaylor Gallagher
  2. 2.  The world was being destroyed by humans and it soon became about survival of the fittest. People were either classified as those who used others or those who were used by others. The users were the Judas’ and the used were the Alejandros. The Judas’ and the Alejandros broke out into the war of the Edge of Glory but Lady Gaga swooped in with her band of Little Monsters, stole the land, and banished the two groups to the Neverlands. After a failed attempt to destroy the Neverlands for good, she decided to govern them instead.
  3. 3. The Neverlands: cold, dark, and gloomy. air polluted with smog and it never rains. buildings are rundown and living quarters are tight. music is constantly playing and people are always dancing. there are cameras EVERYWHERE and Mother Monster is always watching.The Edge of Glory: clean, spacious, and has fresh air. the skies are clear and has a royal blue color, skyscrapers cover every inch of the block, and the streets and sidewalks seem newly cemented everyday. but everything is GRAY. it’s silent and bland and everything is the same.Lady Gaga’s Castle: gray on the outside and colorful on the inside. outrageous decorations, exotic pets, and insane color coordination.
  4. 4.  Because the world is in such distress there is no economy. Lady Gaga tells them to work so they do it out of fear. Although, in the Neverlands the people have ‘Dance Wars’ in exchange for goods and services. This is really the only form of economy that occurs and it is a very unstable one.
  5. 5.  Dancers:  From one of the two groups that live in the Neverlands; dancing is their way of life and the only thing that keeps Gaga from putting an end to the Neverlands. Paparazzi  From the EOG; their job is to take pictures of Gaga and give her attention when she leaves the castle; if the Paparazzi fails to take decent pictures they will be severely punished. Soldiers  Little Monsters from the EOG who take direct orders from Lady Gaga; trained to protect and serve Gaga and her people from rebel groups such as the Judas’ and the Alejandros. Governors  Higher ranking Little Monsters from the EOG that also take direct orders from Lady Gaga; many were sent to look after territories in the Neverlands but some others stayed in the EOG to advise Gaga in making decisions on different EOG issues. Scientists  Little Monsters from the EOG; helped Gaga create the gas that almost ended the human race; they continue to help her create new inventions and test her many experimental ideas.
  6. 6.  Lady Gaga controls the world and she is known as Mother Monster. The Little Monsters hold government positions under Gaga but they have no real say in the government. Nobody from the Neverlands can hold a government job and they have no say at all as to how they are governed. There is no freedom of speech, thought, or emotion and Mother Monster sees everything. Laws are strictly enforced and the Neverland Jail is run by the toughest group of Little Monsters.
  7. 7. 1. Who runs the world, Gaga!2. When you see Lady Gaga you must put your paws up until you are told to do otherwise.3. You must pledge allegiance to Gaga twice a day.4. Dont dance and drive.5. You must keep your poker face on at all times.6. Paparazzi must take pictures of Gaga.7. Just dance!
  8. 8.  "I pledge allegiance to mother monster of the little monsters, and to always have my paws up, no matter what I do I must always dance and keep my poker face on at all times.” The flag of the Little Monsters:
  9. 9.  Lady Gaga is head of everything. The Little Monsters are the majority group that live in the EOG under direct rule of Lady Gaga. The Judas’ and the Alejandros are the two majority groups that live in the Neverlands under indirect rule of Lady Gaga; they take their orders from the governors of their territories.
  10. 10.  The Judas’ and the Alejandros don’t like each other. They have ‘Dance Wars’ that play as a form of entertainment for Lady Gaga. Neither of the groups like Lady Gaga or her Little Monsters. The two groups take down the soldiers in the Neverlands but then realize that they can’t overthrow Gaga unless they work together. In the end, the Judas’ and the Alejandros team up to take down Gaga and the Little Monsters.
  11. 11. Remember MotherMonster is alwayswatching!