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Presentation on Conscious Travel to Ministry of Tourism, Ecuador


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Outlines the what, why and how of Conscious Travel as a movement, concept and collaborative learning and change agency. Presents the new "7 Ps" of an alternative tourism model to mass industrial tourism whose outcome of Plenty is achieved by a focus on People, Place, Purpose, Pull Marketing, Protection (resource conservation & rejuvenation) and Pace - the art of slow.

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  • Gut-gripping stuff. Thanx for your dedication to this cause.When I read about roads/rail through the Serengeti here in Africa I weep.We need more warriors like you here.
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  • Fantastic Anne. You have been an inspiration and a visionary since I met you in Vancouver over 20 years ago. I would be interested in exchanging perspectives and views regarding business models for traditional rural communities in countries such as Ecuador, Colombia.
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  • This presentation is fantastic Anna - the progress made from our last discussion to this is outstanding. I would love to discuss with you the progress I have made with my PhD research and how relevant your work is to my approach towards searching for an alternative model. Does an industry model of tourism based on Westminster ideology suit an indigenous (Maori) environment? I don't think so!!!!
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  • Thanks so much Ron - your support and encouragement means much to me. And you're right - given that I decided to devote myself exclusively to helping change the model in response to the charge of an Ashuar shaman to 'change the dream of the north,' I couldn't think of a more appropriate place to lay it all out...
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Presentation on Conscious Travel to Ministry of Tourism, Ecuador

  1. 1. Conscious TravelPresentation in Quito, September 10, 2012 reaching the peak one conscious host at a time 1
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Background Passion Purpose Anna Pollock strategist educator change agent visionary
  3. 3. Visionto create learning communities of conscious hosts who work together to generate above average profits, deliver higher net benefit from tourism to their communities, while increasing their resilience and stability and..... 3
  4. 4. Why?? Breakdown or Breakthrough?Tourism is the biggest connecting activity on the planet Travel & Tourism has a unique role to play in helping us breakthroughTourism will either be part of the solution or part of the problem 5
  6. 6. The dominant model (industrial tourism)no longer works
  7. 7. The dominant model (industrial tourism)no longer worksA mindset shift is essential
  8. 8. AThe dominant model (industrial tourism) Change can’t & won’t come form the topno longer works A mindset shift is essential
  9. 9. AThe dominant model (industrial tourism) Change can’t & won’t come from the topno longer works Change will emerge from action-oriented A mindset shift is essential learning communities
  10. 10. Mass Industrial Tourism Started with Great Promise
  11. 11. But Is Now Producing a Different Reality
  12. 12. Industrial Tourism Grew Up In the Age of the Automobile & Mass Everything It borrowed its operating model from manufacturing
  13. 13. Based on Assembly Lines, Specialisation & HierarchiesFocus: efficiency & productivity - producing more for less
  14. 14. Standardisation, Order, PlanningEconomies of Scale - consolidation, vertical integration
  15. 15. Based on a mindset of boxes and lines
  16. 16. The Hotel Box
  17. 17. In summary, this is a box that.... Productizes Standardizes Homogenizes Commoditizes
  18. 18. Success?
  19. 19. Mass Industrial Tourism Hangs on the Edge Tourism now supports 1 billion international trips a year It can produce income, economic growth, jobs, foreign exchange, conserve wildlife, preserve cultures..but it doesn’t always Are we at a tipping point? Metaphorically speaking, we’re about to experience a tourism tsunami + galeforce winds + earthquake Will the tourism capsule hold out?
  20. 20. Mass Industrial Tourism Hangs on the Edge Industrial tourism is producing diminishing returns for nearly everybody This graph shows the fate of individual destinations - could it apply to industrial tourism as a whole? Are we at the inflection point? If yields decline industrial tourism can only succeed by growing in volume
  21. 21. Can we handle another 400 million tourists in just 8 years?How will we handle congestion?How will we handle waste?How will we handle emissions? Protest Sign Erected by Young BalineseHow will we manage our thirst for water The Queue to Climb Everest Source: Guardian Source: ABC They Paved Paradiseand land?How will avoid residents’ backlash?How will we protect vulnerable people andcultures? The Island Where Tourist Garbage is Stored in the Maldives Source: China Daily Source: Daily Mail• see: Can Tourism Change its Operating Model?
  22. 22. Does Industrial Tourism work for Providers?Do any of these issues apply to you?•declining margins,•greater income volatility,•increased risk,•more regulation,•higher input costs (energy, food, supplies),•disengaged employees,•more complexity - especially marketing, and•often more demanding guests
  23. 23. Is this you?in short, I bet many ofyou are working harderthan ever before andmaking less return.Do you ever feel like thehamster on his treadmill?
  24. 24. A Mindset Shift Is Essential•we need to think differently•see “Changing the Dream - WhyMindsets really, really matter!”•see: Can Tourism Change itsOperating Model?
  25. 25. A worldview or mindset acts like a lensThese lenses are made up of the values beliefs and assumptions that we use tomake sense of our worldWe’re often not aware of our lenses - live in a tranceThey are very powerfulWhen the lenses change, everything else changesMany are changing their lenses & waking up - becoming conscious
  26. 26. Mindsets Are Already Shifting•many customers are thinkingdifferently•emergence of the conscienceconsumer•On average just under 50% ofconsumers prefer to buy fromresponsible companies•In South America that average is75%•In Australia - 35%
  27. 27. Mindsets Are Already Shifting•other businesses are thinkingdifferently”•growth in “conscious business” and“conscious leadership”•“Business as Usual” is over•Huge opportunities for those whoadapt
  28. 28. Change Can’t and Won’t Come from the Top; real change will come from below Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has Margaret Mead
  29. 29. change is not just desirable it’s inevitable 30
  30. 30. Tourism is Human System Embedded in aBiological-Physical System 31
  31. 31. when our values and beliefs changeso does everything else 32
  32. 32. Where have we come from? OLD MODEL 33
  33. 33. Tourism Through an Industrial LensGuests are segments to be targeted and the prize is share of walletBoth parties (consumer and provider) attempt to win at the cost ofthe other. AdversarialGuests seek to get the best or cheapest deal; producers try to maintain their marginRugged independence + materialism creates a mindset of exploitation - animals,landscapes, plants are resources, then products that can be used to produce profitThe Industry is fragmented - each provider looks after his piece of the guest experience and larger agencies are divided into functional silos.Disconnect from nature - it’s the economy, stupid! Lack of appreciation of limits orconsequences.The tourism industry resists paying for the ecosystem services it has enjoyed for free inthe past 34
  34. 34. surely there has to be a better way? 35
  35. 35. Welcome Signs of Change
  36. 36. something new is emerging
  37. 37. blaze a trail and leavebreadcrumbs or markers 38
  38. 38. NEW MODEL MODEL Plenty enough, sufficiency implicit a sense of limits adequate - don’t need more implies that multiple Plenty stakeholders benefit focus on quality not quantity “wellth” and happiness vs wealth 39
  39. 39. NEW MODEL MODEL People encounters People relationship trust transactions only Plenty occur if trust is present 40
  40. 40. NEW MODEL MODEL Place each place is unique People unique places sustain value Plenty Personality of Place Living Presence - essence,spirit, soul Indigenous people Place understand places re sacred 41
  41. 41. 42
  42. 42. NEW MODEL MODEL Purpose what’s the higher purpose of the business? People why should employees bring Purpose their whole selves to work? Plenty people seeking meaning conscious travellers seeking to be Place changed Higher purpose ignites Passion 43
  43. 43. NEW MODEL MODEL Pull power shifted to guest People challenge is to attract Purpose to be magnetic you have to be clear about Plenty who you are and send out strong signals Pull you need to master social technologies and media in order to Place sustain relationships and build trust 44
  44. 44. NEW MODEL MODEL Protection Hosts must become proactive champions & custodians People Compliance and CSRProtection Purpose programs not enough Plenty “Licence to Operate” will depend on minimal (preferable zero) Pull footprint Place 45
  45. 45. NEW MODEL MODEL Pace help guests learn the art of living People rediscover what it means to be a humanProtection Purpose being not a human doing Plenty learn to savour & Pace satiate the senses Pull increase length of stay Place and spend 46
  46. 46. Ecuador: The firstConscious Travel Destination 47
  47. 47. NEW MODEL •Encounters & relationships before transactions People •PLACES before productsProtection Purpose •PURPOSE & PASSION drive Profit Plenty •PROTECTION = zero impact & rejuvenation Pace Pull •PULL as in attract & support not Push Place PACE as in SLOW & SAVOUR 48
  48. 48. How Do We Midwife This Birth? A Mindset A Movement A creative e-learning programThere is no single blueprint on a shelf; no instantly available “how to manual” It’s up to you-us to create them 49
  49. 49. Four Key Elements• People• Program• Platform• Participation & Support 50
  50. 50. peer to peercollaboration curiosity self-direction commitment to collaborate capacity to experiment willingness to invest a year desire to build a better model 51
  51. 51. 12 Step Transformation Programcore 12 step Conscious Host program 11. Community Outreach 12. Global Outreach 10. Social Marketing 9. Experience 8. Stewardship Design 7. Ideal Employee 6. Ideal Customer 5. Culture/Personality 4. Power of Place 2. Mindset 3. Values & Purpose 1. Where are We Now? Where Do We Wish To Go? 52
  52. 52. Four Key Elements peer to peer collaboration Community 12 Step of offline support &Transformation Conscious coaching Program Hosts online platform 53
  53. 53. Roles & ResponsibilitiesConscious Travel will supply resources Participants will determinepriorities, projects, methods and outcomes No imposition from external authorities The scope, scale and originality of solutions will be owned by participants 54
  54. 54. Imagine...... a network of host communitieseach exploring how to deliver net benefits from tourism, a good living for people, and transformative experiences for guests each in their own way? 55
  55. 55. In the same way that cells combine to form different organs of thebody, so will the collective output of these cells combine to create a new organic, ecological form of tourism - one that is environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling 56
  56. 56. End of PART TWOPlease view Part Three: Steps towards Making Conscious Travel a Reality Do please send comments and feedback to: 57