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Catering to the Conscious Traveller - BuIlding Samoa Tourism Together


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Presentation to leaders of Samoa's tourism community in Apia, Samoa, June 11th 2012

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Catering to the Conscious Traveller - BuIlding Samoa Tourism Together

  1. Catering to the Conscious Traveller Building Tourism in Samoa Together The Orator Hotel, Apia, Samoa, June 11th, 2012 1
  3. SCOPE• What’s happening in the world “out there”• Introducing the Conscious Traveller – Characteristics – Benefits• The Samoa Situation• Critical Questions That Need Addressing• Six Suggested Areas of Work
  4. Tourism is BIG Business GloballyDirect contribution to the global economy $2 trilliondirect and indirect contribution $6.5 trillionInternational Trips over 1 billionJobs 1 in 122012 Growth – projected 2.8%Projected annual growth (2012-2022) 4.0%Source: World Travel and Tourism Council, 2012
  5. The Tourism TsunamiSource: UNWTO - Growth in International Trips 1950-2020
  7. Big Business IS Getting the Message“ population growth, exploitation of natural resources, climate change and other factors are putting the world on a development trajectory that is not sustainable…if we fail to alter our patterns of production and consumption, things will begin to go badly wrong” 8
  8. Costs and Risk to Increase“ The resources on which businesses rely will become more difficult to access and more costly. There will be an increasing strain on infrastructure and natural systems as patterns of economic growth and wealth change. Physical assets and supply chains will be affected by the unpredictable results of a warming world. And business will be confronted with an ever more complex web of legislation and fiscal instruments.” 9
  9. Big Business is Concerned About these Issues1. Climate Change 6. Urbanization2. Energy and Fuel 7. Disparate3. Material resource prosperity Scarcity 8. Food security4. Water Scarcity 9. Ecosystem Decline5. Population & Consumption 10. Deforestation growth 10
  10. Huge Impact on Personal Values & PerceptionWhen our values change, then everything changes 11
  11. Global Tourism
  12. Congestion
  13. 2. Congestion
  14. 2. Resident Backlash
  15. 2. Resident Backlash
  16. 2. Irresponsiblity
  17. 3. Lack of Supply
  18. 4. Resignation?
  19. 5. Waste
  20. 6. Sameness Airports Resorts Shopping malls Fast food outlets Wineries
  21. 7. Connectivity = Complexity
  22. 7. Fragmentation
  23. 8. Demand Volatility
  24. 8. Volatility
  25. 9. Diminishing Returns
  26. 10. Rising Costs
  27. 11.Changing Consumer Values
  28. New Consumers still want MORE, but they aredefining that differently.Now they seek more meaning, more deeply feltconnections, more substance, more control and agreater sense of purpose.
  29. Conscious
  30. The Conscious •Youthful, wired, highly educated, majority femaleConsumer •Three times more likely to try new things •Three times more likely to reward or punish a brand based on corporate practice •Dedicated “box turner” but doesn’t trust corporate declaration •Even in the recession, the majority believe it important to make choices based on environmental and social benefits •More than half are willing to pay more for sustainable brands Asks “what’s in it for we?”The Conscious Consumer Report, 2009, BBMG
  31. DOING GOOD IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS: 2012 •66% of consumers would prefer to buy products from companies that give back to society •62% would prefer to work for such companies •59% would prefer to invest in such companies •46% would be willing to pay extra for products and services from these companies 34
  32. What doConscious Travellers want?
  33. • Authentic, Local, Quirky• Personal &Customised• Experiential and Immersive• Slow, Sensual & to be Savoured• INDIGENOUS TOURISM IS “HOT”
  34. •Wine & sunsets •Local Food •Star Gazing •Indigenous Stories •Conversations around a campfireImage:
  35. • Authentic, Local, Quirky• Personal &Customised• Experiential and Immersive• Slow, Sensual & to be Savoured• Transformational – Change Me
  36. Help Your Customers See the World DifferentlyThe Role of Indigenous Tourism – see Pollock paper on
  37. • Authentic, Local, Quirky• Personal &Customised• Experiential and Immersive• Slow, Sensual & to be Savoured• Transformational – Change Me• Show me you care – be a responsible provider/destination
  38. Show Me You Care 41
  39. • Authentic, Local, Quirky• Personal &Customised• Experiential and Immersive• Slow, Sensual & to be Savoured• Transformational – Change Me• Let me share• Show me you care – be a responsible provider/destination• Let me show I care• Use “kindred spirit” intermediaries
  40. Support Their Causes Let ThemParticipate and Co-Create
  41. 1. Local, Authentic, Quirky2. Personal &Customised3. Experiential and Immersive4. Slow, Sensual & to be Savoured5. Transformational – Change Me6. Let me share7. Show me you care – responsible providers8. Let me show I care9. Use “kindred spirit” intermediaries10.Will become your advocate
  42. Discover New Media & New Channels
  43. • Authentic, Local, Quirky• Personal &Customised• Experiential and Immersive• Slow, Sensual & to be Savoured• Transformational – Change Me• Let me share• Show me you care – responsible providers• Let me show I care• Use “kindred spirit” intermediaries• Hungry for content – help me become your advocate
  44. Harnessing Social Media Will Take Time & Commitment
  45. Why Attract, Engage & Support the Conscious Traveller? If you get it right, they’ll ..1. Reward you with higher yields2. Help market your destination, or company3. Favour responsible suppliers, encourage “best practice,”4. Reduce costs (energy, waste, turnover, employee engagement)5. Help ensure you stay ahead of demand6. Reduce the volatility7. Generate more net benefit to local economies8. Help protect & rejuvenate ecosystems and culture & retain bio & cultural diversity
  46. The Samoa Situation
  47. Static demand since 2008
  48. Commercial Holiday Traffic Worse HitOverall drop in demand by 17.3% since 2008
  49. Australia -2012
  50. New Zealand -2012
  51. STRENGTHSProximity to fastest growing markets Samoan owned - boutique Samoan Cultural Vitality Pristine Scenery Pacific-Polynesian
  52. WEAKNESSESSluggish, declining demand Over Supply Remote Small Under performing
  53. Tourism in Samoa at a CrossroadsDecisions Have to Be Made 64
  54. Issues to Consider• What kind of future do you wish to create? – Drift, driven by winds and currents – Set a course to those islands over the eastern horizon….• What will it take to thrive in times of turbulent change?• Who do you want to benefit from tourism?• What kind of tourist do you wish to attract?
  55. What will it take to thrive in times of turbulent change?• Vitality• Vision + clarity of purpose, focus• Resilience – capacity to adapt• Self-determination, shared ownership• Collaboration• Imagination & Innovation – commitment to continuous learning
  56. Who do you want to benefit from tourism development ?• International Developers – build it & they will come• International Wholesalers• Local tourism operators• Other Samoan businesses• Samoan citizens• Your grandchildren?
  57. What Kind of Customer Do You wish to Attract?• Mass Tourists – Price conscious but demanding – Often indifferent to culture – Wholesaler channels – Limited opportunity for advocacy – High Impact, low yield• Conscious Travellers – Low impact, high yield – Dispersed, engaged – Deal direct: mostly online
  58. Some Suggestions1.Focus on and Measure what matters – aim at generating the greatest NET benefit to Samoa – Visitor Types • Leisure visitors using commercial facilities • VFR visitors with potential to use commercial facilities • Business/event visitors with potential for leisure experiences – Building more room capacity without building demand does not create vitality
  59. Some Suggestions2. Work together to deliver the whole experience – “We are Samoa” “one beat” “fautasi” – Think about the customer’s whole experience: accommodation, attractions, events, activities, transport, food & beverage – Collaboration, transparency, efficiency & accountability • you’re too small to waste resources or go it alone – Maximise cross selling: put the customer’s interests first
  60. Some Suggestions3. Show You Care by Acting responsibly – The decade of the Pacific – Gualofa and Pacific Voyaging – Clean up Samoa! • If you can change to driving on the left • If you can hange dateline • You can clean up the plastic waste – Green Samoa: commit to alternative energy, water conservation and waste management – The story of your trying will pay dividends in terms of publicity and visitor support
  61. Some Suggestions3. Invest the time and money in “Attraction” Digital Marketing – Identify niches in key markets – Develop experiences that would appeal • Gardeners, nature lovers, hikers, women’s groups, cyclists, writers, artists, painters, photographers, foodies, film, fashion – Work with new intermediaries, associations, bloggers/writers, celebrities. Start with diaspora, then move beyond – Develop rich content (images, text) about Samoa that can be shared and re-used. • eg Australian Tourism Data Warehouse – Imagine, Learn & Share together – Tell stories about you and your country (video) – FIX THE ONLINE INFRASTRUCTURE
  62. Some Suggestions4. Prepare the stage – ensure visitors can engage with & experience the richness of Samoa – New attractions and events – Museum – your real strength is your culture; your relationship with the Pacific – Make it easy for the visitor to enjoy Samoa • Paper Visitor Guide produced by Samoans for distribution in Samoa • Electronic Guides (smartphone apps; mobile apps) – Purpose: extend length of stay, increase spend, create advocates!
  63. Some Suggestions6. Invest in Service Improvements – Conscious travellers don’t buy on price but spend on perceived value – Share the cost of training and service – Details: use local material & skills whenever possible – Aim for Authenticity & Sincerity: be true to yourselves – but do it your way!
  64. Some Suggestions6. Invest in continuous learning – Market intelligence – by interest group and source market – Monitor and share performance external and internal – Identify new distribution channels – Imagine and test Ways of differentiating
  65. Fa’afetaiLava!