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Anna's travelogue march dec

  1. 1. 2012 U P D A T E A N NA’ S TRAVE LO GU E LEFT: ONE OF MY FAVOURITE PLACES IN SAMOA: LAFAGA BAY ABOVE: SPEAKING AT PAITC March - December, 2012 Hi Dear Friends with dear friends and leading lights in values in business as he has been a key I’ started this “travelogue” in July for sustainable tourism (Rachel Dodds, source of inspiration for conscious the period beginning March. I never Ruth Marr and Jacqueline Kuehnel) as travel. finished it so have since tried to bring it well as dear BC friends Rick Antonson, All it then took was a relatively short up to date without it getting too long. Rod Harris, Gordon Bell and Kevan flight from Toronto back to London and What an incredible year! Ridgeway - to name but a few!. I’m the chance to spend some time with indebted to Graham and Kevan for In early March, I left Auckland for my daughter and husband Jon in recommending me to Lyle Hall the Toronto where I spoke at the Canadian Greenwich and attend to UK financial organizer and Lyle for agreeing to invite Tourism Marketing Summit on guess issues and put a plan in place to deal me! I was also thrilled to meet Chip what – Conscious Travel! A short time with the UK fallout of that “d…m” Conley – founder of the Joie de Vivre in Toronto did enable me to catch up leaky condo. It was Mother’s Day while hotel group and successful speaker on COUNTDOWN IN LONDON NEW ST PANCRAS STN. BIRTHDAY SHEPHERDS PIE!
  2. 2. Auckland - Toronto - London - Sydney - DarwinI was there and Kat, who is an amazing and PATA hosts John King, Chris Flynncook, baker, and aspiring domestic and Ian Kennedy who have been greatgoddess, made a fabulous Sunday lunch supporters over the years. The contentand cooked delicious lemon cake tocelebrate the occasion. I was blessed of the meeting was very rich and stimulating and caused me to reflect on MEMORIESwith beautiful weather and saw London what a strong influence indigenousat its Spring best. Fortunately I left people have had on my life, thinking,before that pesky jet stream perspective both in Canada when I wasrepositioned itself and caused a record in Labrador and BC; in Bali – the mostbreaking year for rain & flooding. impactful trip I have ever made to a place back in 1973, in the US (where IThe London stay was all too short and learned more about myself from aon March 23rd I took off again in Lakota medicine woman in a weekend inresponse to an invitation by the Oregon than from any psychologist) theAustralian Tourism Export Council to Maori, my dear Samoan friendsspeak at two conferences – one in (although they wouldn’t call themselvesDarwin on Indigenous Tourism and the indigenous) and my new contacts in KAT & JONother at their annual Summit on the Bhutan. It became clear as I prepared forSunshine Coast on the Conscious Travel Darwin that the western world mustMarket and implications for tourism in spend time learning from our indigenousAustralia. colleagues about the power of place and the importance of connecting with theThe Darwin experience was very land and living in harmony with it.positive for a number of reasons. I gotto meet and make new friends with Thanks to the generosity of Northernmany tourism practitioners from the Territories Tourism I was able to extendindigenous tourism community in my trip by a day so that I could get outAustralia. Canada, New Zealand and the sterile confines of a modernAmerica as well as meet up with ATEC convention centre and see a little of the north of Australia. I was able to have a PAITC F RIENDS one day experience with an lovelyTHE CONFERENCE ON aboriginal lady and her husband who runINDIGENOUS TOURISM MADE a small tour company and visit a regional park and walkthrough realA DEEP IMPACT & Ozzie bush alongside deep clear streamsSTRENGTHENED MY & waterfalls, and learn how the originalCOMMITMENT TO CONSCIOUSTRAVEL TESS CROCODILE COUNT RY !
  3. 3. The western world must spend more time learning from indigenouscultures about the power & sacredness of placesinhabitants of this vast land made a on its own. I was retained to prepare agood life for themselves. thought piece and compile evidence of ways in which growing numbers ofThen it was off back to Sydney to see businesses are seeing that conservation NE W ZE AL AN Dthe two wonderful Donnas – Donna is their responsibility too and toMeredith who has been such a help present the rationale for businessgetting me work in Australia and Donna involvement. I was able to make use ofCampbell whom I’ve known as a friend much of the research I had conductedin Canada since the mid 1980s. Donna by myself for Conscious Travel and itand her husband Ian were going to be was great to be working with somespending Easter up at their farm and other very competent and interestingvery kindly offered to let me have the professionals. The other highlight of myuse of their house for a few days so I time in Wellington was meeting up withwas able to collect my thoughts (and, of the Maori friends I had met up with incourse, do my washing) and try to plan Darwin and the chance to explorethe next stage in the journey which was Wellington - the Te Papa museum isto Wellington where I had work. particularly impressive. WEL LING TONThanks to my trip to Bhutan in The work in Wellington was interestingFebruary I had met the Business but I tired quickly of staying inDevelopment Manager for the NZ impersonal chain hotels before a knightDepartment of Conservation – David in shining armor, with the name ofWilks - who liked what I had to say Craig Wilson who is a consulting friendabout the changing role of business. His and colleague living in Nelson, invitedrole is to develop closer working me to come and visit for a few days. Ipartnerships with the business had always wanted to go to Nelson andcommunity as there is no longer any it didn’t disappoint. Craig was away a government department can wonderful host and I was able to drivekeep pace with the conservation task out to the stunning Abel Tasman Park and then he took me for a day’s hike in the Nelson Lakes National Park and we climbed a mountain together. The NELSON LAKESI STILL HAVE GREAT HOPES weather was absolutely perfect and theTHAN WHEN I HAVE views amazing. It felt so good to reallyDEVELOPED THE PROGAM stretch one’s legs and breath in thatTHAT NZ WILL SUPPORT ME clear mountain air. I wish I could have stayed longer but it was time to move on …. ABEL TASMAN BEACH C RAIG WILSON
  4. 4. The warmth, the generosity and sincerity of the Samoan people, long with theirremarkable gifts, never ceases to amaze me and imbue a deep sense of gratitude -Fa’afetai Lava! Next Australia’s Gold Coast and the As you can imagine after such a ATEC summit held at a very impressive colourful, rich, fun trip to a place where 2 01 2 PGA Golf resort north of Brisbane. Australia reminded me of the UK back I really felt at home (it’s my 4th visit), leaving was difficult. Not that I didn’t in 2006-2007 before the financial crash want to see my daughter and lovely when the economy seemed always to friends in the UK of course but be expanding, house prices were rising adjusting to the grey, cold and wet and people were talking a lot about weather of June and July wasn’t easy. their “lifestyles”. The adorable Lynne Gray and partner Back to Sydney – one night in a self Tim very kindly hosted me in Bedford catering hotel thanks to ATEC - before for the first week and helped me get taking a late night flight to Apia, Samoa my car on the road and then I visited which now feels like my second home. Ed & Suzie Collins at Bearwood Farm, My dear, dear friends ZIta and Francois Pembridge (next to my house Yew Tree) Martel had opened up their home to and Anne and Vince Maroney in A R RIV IN G I N H O B A RT me again so I could rest up and enjoy Winchester while I tried to decide the Samoan 50th Anniversary of its where to live in the future. Independence. Well that was the theory but in fact there was no chance to be Somehow I had to stop this wandering idle as so much always goes in little and get a place of my own. The state Samoa – boredom is impossible! I very kindly paid me my state pension really don’t know where to start or end retroactively from the time I turned 60 it was so full – to watch Zita and her some 3 years ago and I could use that crew train for the big Fautasi race, win to pay rent in advance. Anne their heats and smash the competition introduced me to Alresford and the (I have hundreds of pictures of Gods appear to have moved heaven and handsome Samoans in boats); the fire earth to present me with a delightful dancing competition; meeting the young cottage to rent. It is a godsend – as it is sailors of the seven huge ocean going very much me and I can be happy there canoes that have been sailing across the for a while as I get Conscious Travel G A L A PAG O S Pacific to rejuvenate ancient established and funded. navigational skills and draw attention to the horrendous plastic pollution which If you type in the postal code SO24 is despoiling that vast ocean; and 9PA into Google Maps for the UK you’ll marching as a proud member of the see that I am near the beautiful Polynesian Xplorer team on cathedral city of Winchester, in what’s Independence Day behind Zita in full called Jane Austin country and traditional dress and in front of all the surrounded by the same chalk downs I dignatories of the South Pacific …. grew up with as a child. I am also only POLYNESIAN XPLORER WELC OME COMMITT EE
  5. 5. I could not have survived 2011-2012 without my friends and hour away from Oxford. The cottage Consciente” is being promoted. I with the challenges a perfect size for me with an open conducted a couple of workshops in thefireplace, a little garden, cosy cottage capital and was really fortunate to join Unfortunately, “extreme weather” willfeel, and it overlooks woodland with other senior delegates and get to visit be the new normal. Britain went from aplenty of walking paths through the Galapagos Islands. It was one of the record drought to record flooding in 12picturesque cottages and farm/ most memorable experiences that months as did parts of the USA. Overwoodland. The chalk streams are a real brought home the fragility of our the past 4 months, in addition todelight - fast flowing, clear and full of planetary ecosystem. Hurricane Sandy, which got lots oftrout but sadly inaccessible right now publicity, the Philippines experienced anafter all the rain England has had. These past two years have taught me so incredibly intense typhoon that killed much: over a 1000 and on December 13/14 myHaving my own place with my own beloved Samoa just suffered frombooks, office, internet, bed etc. was just a. life can change in an instant: Cyclone Evan - a worse event than thewhat I needed to help me focus on b. you can survive what you thought Tsunami in 2009. The Samoans canConscious Travel - the first step was to would be unbearable teach us much about resilience but if youraise awareness of the need not just for c. friendships and family matter above all can help - please visit this page“sustainability in tourism” but to re- else the whole operating model - how d. the only moment that matters really is SamoaInNeed.and why we can sustain this economic the present one - nothing lastsactivity going forward. That’s why I have e. we can always choose how we face So I end with heartfelt thanks to all ofdone so many speeches and I think whatever is happening at any given you - friends, family and colleagues whomomentum is building albeit slowly. I’ve moment have sustained me in 2012. I hope youcontinued working on the book and f. we have so very much to be grateful are with loved ones this Christmasusing my discussions to refine the e- for if we are still breathing and that counting your blessings.learning program. breathing doesn’t hurt. I’ll be with my daughter Kat and son-in-In the Autumn I was on the road again Sadly one by-product of the work I do is law Jon in London celebrating the factto Hobart, Tasmania to present to the that I get to see more information that they move into their first house inAustralian Hospitality Association, after pertaining to “what’s happening out 2013.which I got to spend some time in there” than most. We’re in for quite aLaunceston with the Lebskis and other bumpy ride. We’re going to have to help Here’s to a peaceful, fulfilling and Happydear Tasmanian friends before travelling each other more than ever before and New Year for you too!to Ecuador. I had been invited to develop resilience. The past two years with Lovepresent at the joint meeting of the have given me practice!! The focus of the Anna xoxoUNWTO and the Organisation of last few years of my career will be toAmerican States’ Annual Summit in help communities and individuals PS: please spreadQuito, where the concept of “Turismo develop the resilience needed to cope NEW ADDRESS 2 Links Cottages Tichborne Down Alresford Hampshire, SO24 9PA Phone: +44 1962 736 536
  6. 6. PHOTOS FROM THIS YEARThank You SPONSORS!!! The following friends made a very • Catherine WincklerSOME (!) TOURISM difficult and challenging 18 months • John & Gina Hayson possible & enjoyable. I have spoken atPRESENTATIONS • Tom Steward & Brian Walker 9 tourism industry events over that • Jeremy Zinzan1. PATA FORUM ON RESPONSIBLE time on a pro bono basis in order to TOURISM (BEIJING) DEC 2011 • Cheryl Sotheran develop Conscious Travel . RISM • John & Di Neighbour2. PATA-ATEC INDIGENOUS TOU CONFERENCE (DARWIN) 2012 Without the generosity of the • Fiona Luhrs following people who gave me a bed3. PATA ADVENTURE TRAVEL & • Craig Wilson RESPONSIBLE TOURISM and fed me, I could not have done so. • Kat & Jon Pollock-Smith CONFERENCE (BHUTAN) 2012 When we succeed, it will be because NG • Donna & Ian Campbell 4. CANADIAN TOURISM MARKETI of your faith in me. SUMMIT (TORONTO) 2012 • Donna Meredith • Francois & Zita Martel • Ken & Deanna Stratford 5. ATEC TOURISM SUMMIT (SUNSHINE COAST) 2012 • Lynne Gray & Tim Douglas • Valerie & Kevin Sheppard • Ed & Suzie Collins 6. SAMOA TOURISM COMMUN ITY • Rachel Dodds (API A) • Anne & Vince Maroney • Ellen Van Halderen • Zoey & Barry Temple-Purcell 7. UNWTO TOURISM & ETHICS • Jo & Crispin Marriott • Susan Butterworth • Sarah and Phil Lebski • Judy Chrastina • David & Wendy Jackson