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Visual Merchandising Mobile Software and Data Collection App


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VisitBasis was designed by merchandisers for merchandisers. It is a comprehensive system that allows category and field operations managers to assign, track and monitor merchandising teams in real time.

The VisitBasis Mobile App allows for in-store execution of merchandising activities, including photo tasks, planogram compliance checks, surveys, audits and inspections, data collection and signature capture, among others. It helps merchandising teams become more cost-effective as it saves time and money by virtually eliminating paperwork and reducing time and distance travelled by field reps.

See for yourself how VisitBasis can help your merchandising operations - sign up today at! Free downloads on Google Play and App Store!

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Visual Merchandising Mobile Software and Data Collection App

  1. 1. VISITBASIS The Case for Mobile Merchandising Activities
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Merchandising Activity Management Main challenge: dealing with many people, at many different locations, bringing in a LOT of information on many products. Store 1 Store 2 Store .. Store 1 Store 2 Store .. Store 1 Store 2 Store .. Rep 1 Rep 2 Rep ..
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION What If? • Your reps could perform in-store activities on their existing mobile devices, eliminating paperwork. • You could design the tasks assigned to your teams so you get the exact information needed from the field. • You could easily assign territories, visits, and tasks to your field reps. • You could monitor in real time what is happening in the field: Where your reps are, what are they doing, results of their work. • You could generate up-to-the-minute reports filtering all the information that comes from the field.
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION With VisitBasis you can!
  5. 5. FEATURES Unique Benefits • Pay-as-you-go and cost-effective The only mobile merchandising system that charges by the visit and not by user/month, eliminating problems with rep turnover • Every mobile activity is GPS and time-stamped • Customer Route optimization both on app and on management interface • True offline/online capabilities: Mobile users are able to work offline and the system synchronizes once online • Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian
  6. 6. USES Mobile Activities Supported • Planogram implementation and compliance with pictures • Mobile ordering • Point of sale (POS) asset management • Retail audits and inspections • Training • Other in-store activities: •Product demonstrations •Sampling •Surveys •Etc.
  7. 7. ABOUT How Does it Work Set-Up: Office creates users, customers, products, designs task templates, and assigns territories 4. At the office, supervisors are able to see where mobile reps are, and which activities are being performed. 2. Office plans visits and schedules them for mobile reps, including any recurring visits. 3. On their mobile devices, reps follow the visits scheduled for the day and perform the tasks requested by the office. 1. Supervisors can then create and share detailed user and/or customer reports. Typical Everyday Workflow
  8. 8. ABOUT About VisitBasis VisitBasis Retail Execution is a cloud-based complete mobile data collection solution designed to build, schedule and monitor field team activities in real time. Main Structure Browser-based Office App Cloud Storage Android/iOS Mobile App • Manage • Assign • Plan • Schedule • Monitor • Report • Perform visits and tasks
  9. 9. SYSTEMOVERVIEW VisitBasis Office • Manage customers, products and users • Assign territories through easy mapping • Plan visits - advanced task template building • Schedule visits and tasks individually or in bulk • Monitor – track user activities live on the map • Report - advanced tools allow to extract data in many ways VisitBasis Mobile App • Android and iOS • Users can install and use app in as many devices necessary, and at the same time • Online and offline mobile data capturing • Information on customers, products and visits is readily available • On-the-go scheduling and planning, as well as route optimization
  10. 10. CONTACT INFO Live Chat Toll Free: +1 (800) 497-6293 Phone: +1 (954) 505-2059