Teaching Tech to Seniors


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Stumped on how to teach teach to seniors in a public library? Don't lose hope! Tech education may seem challenging, but it's a great and rewarding service for your elderly community.

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Teaching Tech to Seniors

  1. 1. Teaching Technology to Seniors (and other tech immigrants) Image by Bocian, bit.ly/1a4Vqci
  2. 2. Tech natives, tech immigrants, and tech fugitives  Tech Natives Grew up with tech Tech comes naturally  Tech Immigrants Learned or learning tech as adults Tech is a study  Tech Fugitives Want nothing to do with tech Tech is terrifying Images by Moini, bit.ly/1m0gnZT, bit.ly/1cX2tj5, bit.ly/1ftOzVE
  3. 3. The new role of libraries  Digital Divide Digital illiteracy = general disadvantage  Social, professional, logistical, educational, entertainmse nt, legal...  Educational desert Few other organizations teach tech for free Image by Jportugall, bit.ly/Nafsac
  4. 4. Why seniors?  Seniors are almost 100% tech immigrants  Retirees aren't exposed to tech naturally  Family of natives often can't teach their elders  Successful tech programs for seniors may draw other tech immigrants or fugitives Image by Nemo, bit.ly/1cCnx3r
  5. 5. Why do seniors need tech?  Staying in touch with family  Facetime  Skype  Improve quality of life  Online news  Online shopping  Meet new people & find things to do  Meetup Image by OpenClips, bit.ly/1i8msja
  6. 6. Three Rules  Patience – Repeat lessons – Go VERY SLOW  Respect – Patron needs – Patron ability  Ask! – “How are you doing?”
  7. 7. Being prepared for anything  Popular questions: Ipad, iPhone, and smartphones Email and social media Using an Internet browser Basic computer skills (mouse, keyboard, etc.) Overdrive Image by Andrew_R_Thomas, bit.ly/1oUjik5
  8. 8. Being prepared for anything  Ways to prepare Be comfortable with the iPad Stay up-to-date on current technological trends  Slashdot.org  Wired.com  Techcrunch.com Have a teaching laptop set aside  Bookmark Mac and Windows forums  Large icons & type Use technology!
  9. 9. Being prepared for anything  Tech features that seniors tend to like to know about Privacy settings Dictation software and Siri Google Saving pictures from email Desktop shortcuts to web pages Bookmarking Facetime and Skype
  10. 10. Being prepared for anything  Tech features that can be useful to seniors Ad results vs. search results Closing browser tabs and programs Using one browser at a time Connecting to wifi networks The difference between different email providers The differences (and similarities) between different kinds of devices and networks  Smartphone vs. tablet vs. computer  Wifi vs. 3G vs. satellite vs. cable
  11. 11. Working with their time restrictions  Be present -Schedule tutoring -Drop-in tutoring -Plan classes for ideal hours  Daylight  Couple with other programs -Remote stations  Community center  Senior center  Cafe Image by Nemo, bit.ly/O7TXIa
  12. 12. Running a class  15 minutes of teaching, 45 minutes of questions  Have handouts  Get emails if possible  Consider placing a one-on-one sign-up sheet Image by ousia, bit.ly/1m4gjbu
  13. 13. Running a one-on-one  Maximum 20 minutes  Stop often for questions  Send them away with your contact information Image by Fabuio, bit.ly/1gqQONP
  14. 14. Passive teaching tactics Exposure  Loan out devices  In-library technology Low-stress independent learning  Games  Creativity-focused programs Drawing on an iPad Workarounds  Siri/dictation  One-time modifications Display magnification Image by Nemo, bit.ly/O7VDBu
  15. 15. Preparing  Visual aids & reminders Ex., detailing the Overdrive download procedure step by step Focus on small things that they can take home  Handouts, bookmarks  Note-taking materials Pencil & paper Image by rdevries, bit.ly/1eAK5wQ
  16. 16. Make the space comfortable  Quiet  Not overstimulating  Handicap-accessible  Lots of space to spread out Image by SteveLambert, bit.ly/1nq01eK