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  1. 1. DR. ANNA. Z. MOONEY ___________________________________________________________________________ 86 Herbert St, Middle Park, Melbourne, VIC 3206 Mobile: 0425 718 622 Email: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL PROFILE Highlyorganized psychology PhDgraduate withstronganalytical/critical thinkingabilityand goodteam skills lookingforaposition toutilize these strengths tomyfull potential CORE STRENGTHS  The abilitytointerpretideasandinformationandcommunicate themclearlyinan articulate andconcise manner  Confidentpresentationskills  Cooperative teammember  Solidquantitativeandqualitative dataanalysisskills  Resilientandtenaciousabilitytomeetdeadlines  Clinical evaluationskills  The abilitytoteach,train and instructotherstoset andachieve goals EDUCATION PhD in Psychology Universityof Melbourne,Schoolof PsychologicalSciences (APA Scholarship) (GraduatedinDecember2015) Post Graduate Diploma Psychology Universityof Melbourne,Schoolof PsychologicalSciences (Honours) Graduate Diploma in Psychology Universityof Melbourne,Schoolof PsychologicalSciences Bachelor of Planning and Design (Architecture) Universityof Melbourne OTHER :Bilingual fluencyinGreek,Completed‘AppliedSuicideInterventionSkills’(ASIST) training(2012 & 2016) & previouslypossesseda‘workingwithchildrenlicense’(expiredJuly 2015). Currentlyvolunteerat ‘PerinatalAnxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA)’ asa Supportworkeronce a week. *Attendedannual TutortrainingworkshopatUniversityof Melbourne (School of Psychological Sciences) aswell ascompletingthe ‘Melbourne TeachingCertificate’(2016).
  2. 2. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE TEACHING Psychology Tutor: University of Melbourne 2009-2016 School ofPsychological Sciences Key Responsibilities:  Teachingandfacilitatingtutorial classesof upto 27 studentsperclass  Conductingexperimentsandcollectingdataforstudentstoanalyze andincorporate inlab reports  Marking courseworksubmissionsandfinal exams  Addressingstudentcourseworkqueriesandprovidingonline support  Teachingstudentshowtoappropriatelywrite andpresentworkinanacademic manner  Teachingstudentshowtoconduct,interpretandpresentstatistical analysesof data Subjects taught: Graduate DiplomaSummer School Jan/Feb 2017 MindBrain and Behaviour (1st year): PSY1003 MBB1 SM1 2016 PSY 1004 MBB2 SM2 2016 512 -227 Developmental Psychology(2nd year) 2009 - 2014 512- 225 Biological Psychology (2nd year) 512-330 Psychophysiology(3rd year) Capstone Exam marking for Prof. Nick Allen 2013  Marking 3rd yearexams Dept. of Management and Marketing (Faculty of Business and Economics) MKTG 30009 Neuromarketing 2010 – 2016 Neuropsychologyof consumerdecisionmaking 3rd yearsubject, responsible forover80students
  3. 3. RESEARCH PhD researcher, University of Melbourne 2010- 2015 “Morningness-EveningnessandAdolescentMental Health:A prospective Longitudinal Study” Thisstudywas part of a largerlongitudinalprojecttitledthe ORYGEN Adolescent DevelopmentStudy (ADS),conductedatOrygenYouthHealthResearchCentre (OYHRC) in Parkville,Melbourne,Australia.The ADSaimedtoidentifyriskandresilience factors involvedinthe developmentof mental illnessduringadolescence. Key skillsdeveloped: Project Management skills – Throughout my PhD I set objectives and met targets within tight constraints of time and resources.I also had to develop my own skillsand knowledge to keep up to date with current work. Communication & Presentation Skills – I have developed excellent written and oral communication skills asa resultof preparinga detailed PhD thesis,and havingto make regular presentations to my colleagues of relevant journal articles aswell as of my own progress and findings. Team working skills – I am a confident team player with excellent organizational skills,developed through working within a multidisciplinary research group.I am ableto utilizethe expertise of individual members as well as offer my own skillsand knowledge to achieve a common goal. Clinical interviewing skills – Partof my research experience involved conductingStructured Clinical interviews (SCIDS) and evaluatingthe results of these to determine potential DSM-IV diagnoses.I also completed applied suicideintervention skillstraining‘ASIST’ at Lifeline. Computational skills – I am a confident user of Microsoft Office suite and SPSS statistical software, used extensively during my candidaturefor: data coding& entry, transcribing,data analysis,writing up, presenting and formatting professional documents. Sessional Researcher: Nuro brand insight 2015 (current) A neuromarketingbusinessthatemploysneuroscience insightsandtechniquestoenable brand ownerstogaina betterunderstandingof customerthinking Key responsibilities:  Liaisingwithandbriefingmarketresearchparticipantsonthe measuresemployed  Measuring,recordingandinterpretingimplicitresponsesto productsandbrands usingneurosciencemarketresearchtechniquesincluding:implicitassociationtests, EEG & Eye trackingtasks  Collectingquestionnaire data  ProcessingandanalyzingData Research Assistant: Monash University (Melbourne) 2008/2009 For: Doctor Litza Kiropoulos(PhD) Co-Directorof the MonashMulticultural HealthUnit (atthe time) I workedona study investigatinganxietyanddepressionamongstanoldercohortof Greek- Australiansreceivingtreatmentforcardiacdysfunction. Key responsibilities:  TranslatingrecordedinterviewsfromGreektoEnglish
  4. 4.  Conductingliterature searchesandtranscribingrelevantinformation  Codingdata andsettingupdata filesforfuture analysis. For: Prof.Neil Spike,Dept. ofGeneral Practice (MonashMedicine) & Prof.GordonPage (UniversityofBritish Columbia). While employedtoworkforDr.KiropoulosIwasalsorecruitedtoworkfor a researchproject termed“The BridgingProject”.The aimof the taskwas to assessthe uniformityand/orthe diversityof the specificgenericcompetenciestaughtwithinthe Medical profession. Key responsibilities:  Gatheringandanalyzingappropriate literature anddata Post Graduate Diploma student researcher 2008/2009 Universityof Melbourne,Schoolof PsychologicalSciences (Honours) CircadianDistributionofFrontal EEG Alpha:CircadianSystemControl of Motivational Systems? Prior to beginning my PhD candidature, I completed a Post-Graduate (Honours) thesis that addressed the role of the circadian system in relation to the control of Motivational processes. Key responsibilities:  CodingandfilteringEEGdata usingNeuroScansoftware  Analyzingfiltereddataandgeneratinggraphical representationsusingSPSS statistical software andExcel  Conductingliterature searchesandwritingreviews  Criticallyanalyzingandincorporatingexperimental findingswithinthe contextof currentresearchliterature toproduce an academicresearchpaper PUBLICATIONS AND CONFERENCES Mooney,A.Z.,Trinder,J.,Whittle,S.,Byrne,M.L.,Simmons,J.G.,Schwartz,O.&Allen,N.B., (2016), The association betweenchronotype,internalizingsymptomsand depressive disorderduring adolescence:Aprospective longitudinal study.(Submitted to The Journal of Abnormal Psychology,Sept,2016) *At presentIam workingon2 furtherjournal articlesfrommyPhDthesis,Workingtitles: “A prospectivestudy ofMorningness-Eveningnessandproblematicexternalizingproblems duringadolescence” “Adolescentmental health,chronotype andfamily environment:A Longitudinal explorationofthe moderatingeffect ofearly familyconflict” UniversityofMelbourne StudentSymposium 2013 Electronicpublication:GenericCompetencies:AProgram and Literature Review,(2008).
  5. 5. REFEREES ProfessorNicholas.B. Allen AnnSwindellsProfessorof Clinical Psychology +1(541) 346-4075 Universityof Oregon,Departmentof Psychology Honorary Fellow,Universityof Melbourne Dr. Phil Harris Managing Director‘Nuro Brand Insight’ 8344 1884 Universityof Melbourne 0417 997 517 NeuromarketingLecturer&honoraryfellow Dept.of ManagementandMarketing Dr. ChrisGroot Universityof Melbourne (03)8344 9892 Lecturer:Clinical Psychology&ResearchMethods Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences Dr. Judi Humberstone Universityof Melbourne (03)8344 6366 AcademicTeachingCoordinator& Lecturer:Developmental Psychology Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences Dr. JulianSimmons Universityof Melbourne (03)9035 8318 AcademicResearcher Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences Youth Mental Health