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  1. 1. With  over  5,000  undergraduate  students,  the  University  of  Denver  educates  people  from  all   over  the  world.  Consequently,  DU  is  home  to  many  people  with  many  different  views.  
  2. 2. The  graffi)  wall  on  Driscoll  green  shows  conflic)ng  viewpoints  co-­‐ exis)ng  on  campus.  
  3. 3. Does  DU  facilitate  a  classroom  environment  that  is  a  safe  space  to  create   dialogue  and  express  opinion?  Or  do  students  feel  uncomfortable  expressing   their  views  in  fear  of  being  chas)sed  by  other  students?  
  4. 4. “I  do  feel  comfortable   talking  about   controversial  topics  in   the  classroom,”  says   junior  Danny  Brown.   “I  have,  though,  faced   much  backlash  when   it  comes  to  this.  Once   during  freshman  year,   I  was  in  a   communica)on  class   and  the  classroom   was  stadium  style,  so   there  were  a  lot  of   people  behind  me.  I   tried  to  make  a  point,   but  due  to  people   disagreeing  with  me,   as  well  as  not  being   able  to  make  myself   clear,  about  five   people  started  yelling   at  me  for  being   ignorant.”  
  5. 5. “Generally  I   do  not  feel   comfortable   speaking  in   class,”  says   junior  Maddy   Donlan.  “I   don’t  like   raising  my   hand  in   general,   unless  I  am   100  percent   posi)ve  on   what  I  am   saying.  For   me  it's  a   confidence   thing.”  
  6. 6. “I  feel  comfortable  speaking  in  class,”  says  Maddy   Nesbit.  “I  took  a  public  speaking  class.  I’ve  always  liked   [speaking  out.]  I  like  hearing  other  people’s  opinions,   and  there  are  very  few  subjects  that  I  would  get  upset   over.  I  think  it  is  up  to  the  individual."  
  7. 7. Anonymous  expression:  students  have  painted  John  Kasich  over  the  image   of  Carly  Fiorina  aZer  another  group  of  students  had  vandalized  her  portrait,   giving  her  devil  horns  and  a  tail.  
  8. 8. A  DU  student  shows   her  support  for   Bernie  Sanders  by   hanging  a  campaign   sign  in  the  window  of   her  house  for  all  of   campus  to  see.    
  9. 9. The  college   republicans  of  DU   stamp  their  seal  on   a  brick  wall,   establishing  their   presence  on   campus.  
  10. 10. Donlan  (right)  thinks  that  it  is  up  to  the  teachers  to  facilitate   discussion,  while  Nesbit  (leZ)  argues  that  it  is  up  to  the  student  to   speak  out  in  class.    
  11. 11. Poli)cs  is  not  the  only  issue  DU  students  disagree  on.   Speaking  out  in  class  on  any  topic  that  is  controversial   can  be  a  grueling  experience  for  students  who  do  not   feel  as  though  the  environment  is  a  safe  space  to   generate  discussion.