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Audience research

  1. 1. Audience Research: Kerrang! reaches more young readers than any other music magazine. 87% of Kerrang! readers buy every single issue. Having a younger profile is a big advantage as traditionally this age group is elusive (and expensive) to reach. As well as music releases this makes Kerrang! perfect for film and games, and also mobile technology and government messages. The biggest age range is 15-24 which shows that Kerrang! readers are mainly teens and young adults. The ideal Kerrang! reader would be someone who is passionate about rock music, listening to it 24/7, and this influences their hobbies, lifestyle, choice of friends and attitudes. They are individuals who are fashion trend setters, yet influenced by musical icons.
  2. 2. Kerrang! readers lifestyle Kerrang!’s 15-24 year old readers are sharp, intelligent, and rejoice in their individuality. They are active consumers of computer games, media and fashion. On average they buy 31 albums a year SPIN magazine readers: Gender ratio – 61% males 39% females Median age – 22- 29 (40%) 25-34 (39%) Price - £4.50 in UK Reader profile: This information was not available but I think that SPIN readers love the music culture and are passionate about finding new artists and bands to listen to and like to go to music festivals. The cover which I analysed seems to fit into the punk rock genre but looking at other magazine covers suggests that the magazine can focus on a wide range of genres. NME reader figures:           Male – 69% Female – 31% Average age – 24 Working full time – 52% Working part time – 7% Still studying – 29% ABC1 – 65% Circulation – 40, 948 Readership – 369, 000 ABCe unique users – 4,454,983
  3. 3. NME Reader profile: NME readers go to gigs and live events 94% use the internet – 76% have Broadband They spend an average of 2.4 hours a day – almost 19 hours per week They are entertainment enthusiasts: 80% of NME readers feel that music is an important part of their lives 79% of NME readers like to listen to new bands 63% specially choose to listen to indie/guitar bands 49% specially choose to listen to live bands in studio 52% are interested in taking a musical course/qualification 77% of NME readers have been to at least one pop/rock concert in 2007 NME readers spend – £152 on footwear per year – total readership spends £46m £532 on clothes per year – total readership £189m £1229 on audio equipment per year – total readership £326m 52% own a digital camera £170 on digital cameras per year – total readership £4.6m They buy an average of 5 DVDs per year – total readership buys 1.3 DVDs per year Spend £66 on DVDs per year – total readership £18m £179 spent on consoles in the past year – total readership £45m £108 spent on games – total readership £18m 84% receive digital TV or satellite channels