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Thinking Outside the Country: Taco Bell expands to India


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Thinking Outside the Country: Taco Bell expands to India

  1. 1. Thinking Outside the Country Taco Bell expands to IndiaAQUINO, DEGAND, HENRYON, MAZGAJ, RELLAMA, ZIARNOWSKI
  2. 2. Overview of the Situation
  3. 3. Overview of the SituationMARKET SHARESO Domestic profit has been decreasing (US)O International profit has been increasingOPPORTUNITIESO Success of KFC and Pizza Hut in IndiaO Growing appreciation of mexican foodO Strength of YUM! brands
  4. 4. PROBLEM STATEMENTShould Taco Bell enter theIndian market? If so, how?
  5. 5. Factors of Consideration Religion Consumer attitude/behavior Consumer preferences (taste/habits) Purchasing power of the people
  6. 6. Standardization / Localization « Glocalize » Taco Bell’s menus • Vegetarian menus (rice…) • Vegan menus • Meat menus (Chicken, fish) • Use of spices for taste
  7. 7. AlternativesCo-brand with existing KFC storesCo-brand with existing Pizza HutstoresEnter as stand-alone Taco BellstoresNot to enter the Indian market
  8. 8. Co-branding KFC Pizza Hut Possibility• KFC is still just of brand • Pizza Hut is already growing in India. damage well established• Difference in the • Affordability. target markets. • Good brand image.
  9. 9. As a Stand-Alone Brand Harder to Less riskyStart from enter the for Pizza Hut scratch market and KFC More costly Bright future for YUM! if successful
  10. 10. Recommendations Enter the Indian market as a stand-alone brand with a menu that is well adapted to India’s culture.