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Gillian easson nesta - workshop 3


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Gillian easson nesta - workshop 3

  1. 1. NESTA Digital R&D Fund for Arts and Culture, Scotland Gillian Easson, NESTA
  2. 2. About NESTA…Founded: 1998, with £300M endowmentMission: Bring ideas to life and help make innovation happenHow? Through policy research, programmes and investmentNESTA’s 3 main areas of work: Innovation and Economic Growth Social and Public Sector Innovation Creative Economy
  3. 3. NESTA Digital R&D Arts and Culture, Scotland The Fund is a partnership between Creative Scotland, Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and NESTA to support arts and cultural organisations across Scotland who want to work with digital technologies to expand their audience reach and engagement and/or explore new business models. The Fund’s overall objective is: “to enable the use of digital technologies in the arts and cultural sector to engage audiences in new ways and to create opportunities for new business models”
  4. 4. Supporting cultural/arts organisations to innovateEnabling arts and cultural organisations to engage audiences in new waysand create opportunities for new business models, through the use of digitaltechnology. Arts Technology Research organisation partner team Digital R&D Fund Digital innovation projects and sector-wide knowledge
  5. 5. Why NESTA?  Public benefit  Research outcomes  Transferability/scaleability  Benefit to the wider sector not just the individual cultural organisations
  6. 6. NESTA creative economy programmes  Support for arts and cultural organisations to innovate  Creative entrepreneur programmes/resources  Mentoring for creative business start-up and growth  Skills for creative industries  Policy and research
  7. 7. Audience engagement and reach: Broadening - capturing a larger share of the population known to be traditional participants but who currently do not participate Deepening - intensifying current participants level of involvement by eg increasing the number of attendances or by the degree of audience (active or passive) engagement Diversifying - attracting new audience groups/different demographic (eg young people/rural population/ international market).
  8. 8. Business models A business model is the mechanism by which a business intends to manage its costs and generate its outcomes- in the case of for- profits, the outcomes are primarily revenues earned. In the case of non-profits, the outcome is primarily the public good created.
  9. 9. The Fund’s eligibility criteria  An arts and cultural organisation based in Scotland - which is either predominately publically funded and/or is a registered charity and who wants to work with digital technologies to: expand its audience reach and engagement and/or explore new business models  Your proposal must involve a collaborative partnership between yourself as an arts and cultural organisation and a technology provider that can provide technology services to arts and cultural organisations.
  10. 10. What type of projects are we looking for?  Innovative digital projects which will expand audience reach and engagement and/or to develop new business models  Proposals from all sizes of arts and cultural organisations in Scotland - we have 2 award levels of projects: 1) under £25,000 and 2) £25,000-£100,000  Collaborations between arts and cultural organisations, technology providers and where possible, other cultural/arts organisations.
  11. 11. Fund assessment criteria  Innovation in the proposal  Wider impact to benefit for the sector (learning / copycat)  Collaboration is genuine  Project delivery and timeframe (value for money / realistic)  Spread of projects  NESTA / AHRC / Creative Scotland – panel decision
  12. 12. Digital R&D Fund timetable 6, 14, 16 March 2012 - Digital Days – Perth, Glasgow, Edinburgh 25 April 2012 - Deadline for Fund applications 14 May 2012 - Organisations informed of funding decisions 1 June 2012 - One day collaborative workshop bringing together all projects 31 March 2013 - All project activity must be completed Autumn 2012 – Second call for R&D Fund proposals opens (funding decisions made in January 2013, all project activity must be completed by December 2013)
  13. 13. LSO Pulse App
  14. 14. Imperial War Museum kiosks
  15. 15. The Sage Gateshead plus Manchester Camerata, Aurora, Berwick Maltings,Alnwick Playhouse and Durham Gala with Videojuicer and Aframe
  16. 16. NESTA Digital R&D Fund for Arts and Culture, Scotland @rndscot