delta 5 Quick Read - English


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The 12 slides give an impression of what delta 5 can do for your organization.

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delta 5 Quick Read - English

  1. 1. 1 delta 5 – quick read: discover in a few minutes how delta 5 can add value to your organization It’s the entire iceberg that determines your results Enhancing performance levels written rules delta 5 is a proven diagnostic and change method for effectively influencing behavioral patterns and embedding high performance behavior unwritten rules Content • when delta 5? • delta 5 Safety • LEAN delta 5 • diagnosis • improvement approach The ‘soft’ side of the organization has a ‘hard’ impact on performance levels← 1 / 12 →
  2. 2. 2 delta 5 – when? ↓ delta 5 enhances your success in the following situations: ‘The strength of delta 5 is that this tool makes ‘culture’ manageable: it … when performance levels works from a diagnosis that enables are unsatisfactory (quality, safety, the design of practical interventions efficiency) resulting in an upgrade of the … when it�s difficult to create ownership company’s learning capability.’ and responsibilities lower in the Thom Albers organization Corporate Strategy Director FrieslandCampina … when levels of innovation are disappointing … when the way people collaborate in the organization needs to be improved← 2 / 12 →
  3. 3. 3 delta 5 – understanding current behavior gives grip to create high performance ↓ Molecules respond according to laws of nature. Behavior also follows certain natural laws. Such as… • you always display behavior • behavior always has effect • only when you are conscious of your behavior, you can choose It’s the behavior of your people that determines performance levels. The written rules above the water surface might be in place, performance can still be low due to the unwritten rules← 3 / 12 →
  4. 4. 4 delta 5 – performance improvement in an operational environment ↓ A dairy factory in Europe: Realizing improvement by Situation at the start bending unwritten rules: the • Frequently disappointing audit results right actions towards creating • • Customers terminating contracts Disapproved product totals 20 km row of trucks a high performance culture • • First-time-right maximum 83% Safety not under control • Loss of market share example 1 / 2 Diagnosis showed explanatory unwritten rules • ‘Focus on producing quantity’ • ‘Quality Assurance department is responsible for quality, not us’ • ‘Do your work your own way’ • ‘The situation is very complex here’ • ‘You will not be sent away’ Steps taken in bending the unwritten rules (for a more elaborate explanation, see the delta 5 book) 1. Creating awareness of the impact and the ownership of the behavioral rules 2. Composing and introducing a new set of unwritten rules based on the organizational values, and give trainings to enlarge the behavioral repertoire of employees 3. Embedding the new behavior in daily routines utilizing the 5 perspectives (see page 8) Results one year later • Excellent audit results • Higher demand than the factory can produce • Disapproved product decreased with 75% • First-time-right varies between 98% and 100% • Number of safety incidents significantly decreased← 4 / 12 →
  5. 5. 5 delta 5 – performance improvement in an operational environment ↓ The same dairy factory in Europe: Change is visible due to the bending of the five most important unwritten rules of this factory ‘This is the best factory example 2 / 2 I have visited in years’ (external auditor, Danone) Unwritten rules one year later Explanation of an unwritten rule and her effects The unwritten rule ‘The situation is very complex 1. Focus on producing quantity 1. Stop production in case of doubt! here’ was accepted from management to work floor. The effect was that problems were not traced back to causes. In case of an interruption or contamination 2. Quality Assurance department 2. Quality is number 1 for everyone in the production lines; ‘anything could be the cause, is responsible for quality, not us that’s how complex it is here’. This explained the low 3. Do your work your own way 3. Give each other feedback first-time-right production of 83%, and the huge return flows of rejected product. During the change program this unwritten rule was successfully bent to ‘Find out 4. The situation is very 4. Find out the causes the causes’. complex here 5. You are held responsible for In the delta 5 book, a chapter is devoted to the organizational 5. You will not be sent away change in the dairy factory, written by the responsible plant your actions manager.← 5 / 12 →
  6. 6. 6 LEAN delta 5 – to embed LEAN in organizational behavior ↓ LEAN eliminates waste at the top delta 5 strengthens (previous) initiatives like TQM, of the iceberg; LEAN delta 5 also Kaizen and LEAN, which aim to professionalize and removes waste under the water improve performance levels. delta 5 explains why these kind of initiatives don’t have the desired impact surface: in interaction processes of actually improving organizational performance. example of waste: S T O R A G E O F D ATA LEAN components always have a behavioral aspect: Modern and accessible • Process optimalization runs by existing behavioral 10% patterns that facilitate or inhibit intelligent decision written information system rules making concerning process optimalization • Operational managements success depends on the 90% actual daily behavioral routines: the unwritten rules unwritten Everybody has their rules own database • Leadership outcomes depend on the sensitivity for unwritten rules and the capacity to effectively influence them LEAN focuses on the top of the iceberg LEAN delta 5 focuses on the entire iceberg← 6 / 12 →
  7. 7. 7 delta 5 Safety – including behavior when enhancing safety levels ↓ Example unwritten rule: Using a gas burner in order to defreeze a pump causes a huge fire You don’t have to at Chemie-Pack (Netherlands) follow the rules delta 5 Safety a) defines the gap between current behavioral patterns and HRO (High Reliability Organization) principles b) brings HRO-principles in the genes of the organization c) is a concretization of Hearts & Minds delta 5 is on a regular basis further developed in collaboration with the founders of HRO in the USA Source: ANP Extraordinary conclusion public prosecutors office: Shifting of perspective in ‘It could have been any employee. […] In this organization the Netherlands: it�s not it�s the normal way to solve things. […]. That is why we the individual employee, hold the management accountable’. but the management that Source: NOS news October, 9th, 2012 is found guilty. Source: ANP← 7 / 12 →